In the case of Fru’ of al-Kafi which consist of volumes three to volume seven, the Furu’ al-Kafi (volume 3 – 7): The rules of conduct, the practical laws of the. The contents of al-Kafi are precious gifts from Ahl al-Bayt (the fourteen infallible This part is called Furu’ al-Kafi Branches of the Islamic system that consists of . Al-Kafi is the first-ever complete English translation of the first and foremost ‘ Usul al-Kafi (Volumes 1 & 2) Al‑Furu’ (Branches) (Volumes 3 through 7).

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The last topics are dealt with in details.

Al-Kafi – A Brief Outline

View my complete profile. Terminology Types categories Biographical evaluation Musannaf Isra’iliyyat. The later chapters describe the signs of the Imam and necessity of following him. The Shia say that they are allowed to reject the Hadiths that do not agree with the Quran. Here the rules of furuu prescribed fast of Ramadan are outlined as well as those of voluntary fasts, and fasts performed as an act of expiation.

However, due to the effect of the Mutazzalites rationaliststhe Shia scholars eventually realized that by accepting that Al-Kafi was accurate, they opened themselves up to much criticism by their Sunni rivals. Jami Sahih Tartib al-Musnad. Second Volume It also consists of four books.

The total number of traditions of this book is The Shia propagandist will always dodge this point so it is important to hammer it in. I’m sure you mafi what I’m talking about. When you debate with the Shia, keep asking him why the Shia can say that Al-Kafi is not authentic, when the compiler of Al-Kafi himself says they are authentic. The authoratative Shia website, Al-Shia. It is the most important and authentic collection among the Four Books.


Al-Kulayni states in his introduction that he has collected hadith in such a way that they agree with the consensus and there is no incompatibility between them and the Qur’an. He intervenes very little himself.

Knowing Fruu and those who possess Divine authority is much more valuable than all the worldly things…. Kitab al-dawajin deals with issues pertaining to the domesticated and pet animals, under 13 chapters and records oafi, The total number of traditions of this volume is Dar al-Adwa’, AH.

This volume contains also the utterances, sermons and letters of the Prophet S. Interpretation of some verses of the Qur’an Advices of the Ahl al-Bayt a Dreams and their types Health problems and cures Creation of the universe and some phenomena The history of some prophets a The merit of Shi’a and their duties Some historical issues of early Fjru and the time of Imam ‘Ali ‘s a government Imam al-Mahdi ajhis attributes, companions and the attributes of his time The biographies of some companions and other individuals.

This book consists of traditions. The most important hadith books. Being contemporary with the Four Deputies paved the way for him to best verify these hadiths.

Books dealing with Hadith (Traditions) |

Kitab al-talaq, divided furj 82 chapters, deals with the issues concerning ila’ a form of divorce in which a man vows not to have connections with his wife for more than four months; zihar, a kind of divorce which results from likening one’s wife to kafii husband’s mother or other immediate female kins with whom one is not permitted to marry; li’an, mutual cursing, in which a man accuses his wife of adultery and the wife swears for her chastity.


This is the importance of Al-Kafi as stated by the Shia themselves.

There follow three chapters on daily living: This is explained by al-Kulaini in his introduction to the work: An Opinion on Whethe Obviously, the Isnad would not be from all of the scholars of the world, but rather a group amongst them.

They are not mere assumptions. This page was last edited on 26 Julyat Then he moved to Baghdad and became head of the religious and legal scholars of the Imamis during the time when al-Muqtadir was Caliph. Who is a more reliable Hadith scholar: All sorts of trading problems are treated in this chapter. Mihrab Publishers and Book Distrib. Then the different kinds of slaves and the different methods of freeing them are discussed in kitab al-‘itq wa’-l-tadbir wa-‘l-katiba.

These issues are usually treated as separate issues by most of the Islamic jurisprudents, but al-Kulayni has put them together in this book, and divided the book into 18 chapters covering traditions. There is only one way to separate the true from the untrue reports, through the standard which was declared by the Imam:. The next two chapters concern hunting said and ritual slaughter dhaba’ih.

The third volume contains a total number of hadith.