Results 1 – 12 of 61 Meditation: Letters on the Guidance of the Inner Life Oct 15, by Friedrich Rittelmeyer and M. L. Mitchell. The Holy Year: Meditative Contemplations of Seasons and Festivals. Friedrich Rittelmeyer; Translated by Margaret Mitchell and Alan Stott; Edited by Neil. By Friedrich Rittelmeyer. A Southern Cross Review E-book. http:// 56 pages. Born of October 5, , in Germany, Dr. Friedrich.

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Meine lebensbegegnung mit Rudolf Steiner by Friedrich Rittelmeyer Book 55 editions published between and in 6 languages and held by WorldCat member libraries worldwide 1e Aufl.

The way in which he combined the pressing need of the cause with respect for personal freedom always called forth my unqualified admiration. Project Page Feedback Known Problems. I have discovered that Moltke not the Chief of the General Staff, but his uncle, the Field Marshal is now trying to work for peace from the spiritual world.

Gott und die Seele: There rittelmeher no historical records. When I completed my intense study of An Outline of Occult Science, I was in awe of the robustness of the image Steiner had laid out for the evolution of humankind and the cosmos.

And in the name of this same freedom let it be said: Even wilfulness did not altogether displease him, although he could not regard it as a quality likely to promote the cause of Anthroposophy. Some time after reading frisdrich lot of Carl Jung’s work and attending a lot of meetings with people who claimed to be Jungians, I came across a statement by Jung that he could never be a Jungian.

Friedrich Rittelmeyer

Gemeinschaft mit den Verstorbenen by Friedrich Rittelmeyer Book 16 editions published between and in German and Dutch and held by 55 WorldCat member libraries worldwide Een antroposofisch zielzorger zet uiteen welke betekenis friedrkch gestorvenen kunnen hebben voor de levenden. I inwardly acknowledge their being alive in the spirit world, and scarcely pay any attention to the dead corpse which they have cast off.


I knew where Heaven was, the structure of God through the spiritual hierarchies, how they played and continue to play their role in our daily friedrkch, how the Bible contains in terse metaphoric language in Genesis and Revelations descriptions of the beginning and ending of time in our local section of the cosmos which meshes perfectly into Steiner’s more detailed and comprehensive description, and how Steiner knew the facts of the material he presented before he read them in the Bible and other ancient mystery school literature, where he found ample correlation for his personal findings.

Christus by Friedrich Rittelmeyer Book 7 editions friexrich between and in German and Undetermined and held by 42 WorldCat member libraries worldwide.

Rudolf Steiner Enters My Life – Friedrich Rittelmeyer

And rittelmdyer read Kuhlmann’s speech. Ein monographischer Versuch by Friedrich Rittelmeyer Book 9 editions published in in German and English and held by 52 WorldCat member libraries worldwide. But my Christianity could live and breathe in this conception of the world, even if I still accepted it as a mere hypothesis.

Most widely held works by Friedrich Rittelmeyer.

They faded into shadows. What kind of faces would they have pulled if they had suddenly seen what was happening? Here is a remarkable revelation of how the spirits friiedrich the deceased influence decisions made in this world, often putting words in their mouths without the speakers noting it.

The Philosophy of Freedom Social threefolding.

If it were a matter of choosing, he invariably put the freedom of a man before the needs of the cause. Scientists were going to faraway places and looking into telescopes and microscopes to find the truth about the world, all the while they were ignoring the revelations provided close at hand in Middle Europe by Rudolf Steiner.

Rittelmeyer, Friedrich 1872-1938

Every week I had conversations with men from University circles who were regarded as leaders of thought. It was as if Aristotle and Aquinas had merged into one man and come to illuminate humankind with the knowledge it requires to begin its progression upward into the spiritual world again.


The feeling itself flows as a wave from the future to trigger the very events which will later generate the feeling that appears from the future in the first meeting. After pondering Steiner’s replies, Rittelmeyer made himself a promise, “Never in my life will I give a burial speech to which the dead himself could not listen!

But they did not see that in the very heart of European civilization there was something far greater, something that would have given them the most living understanding of the Mystics of the past and the Yogis in far-off India. Any organization attracts people who are joiners and not leaders. Never once in Rudolf Steiner’s life, so far as I know, did it happen that a recognized scientist went to him saying: What people say to him gets all stored up inside him and that makes him ill.

Many people yet today, almost a century later, still hold that reincarnation and karma are not Christian. The Lord’s prayer by Friedrich Rittelmeyer Book 4 editions published between and in English and German and held by 85 WorldCat member libraries worldwide.

John’s Gospel I find my way immediately into the language Christ really spoke. Steiner said one day: Most widely held works about Friedrich Rittelmeyer.

Rittelmeyer, Friedrich [WorldCat Identities]

He will surely wish again to meet all those human beings whom he wronged in earthly life, friedrihc he will crave for the opportunity to do good to those whom he wronged on earth. Lacking personal contact with the man, I pored through his works. Who was there in Germany at that time who saw things with this clarity of perception?

My own desire was to hold to what I knew of Christ in my inner being and to regard everything else as secondary. Foreword by Tom Ravetz.