A small part of the Apache FOP code is included in the Software without modification. Your use of the Apache FOP code is subject to the terms and conditions of. I have been using FOP for the last month on a major project. In this project, XML data is rearranged to create PDF documents of – Dear Author: We have been using Apache FOP to generate FDP files. How does iText compare to FOP? Thanks.

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It is very easy to add list and tables to your PDF document by using iText. How easy is it to write an application with different libraries and how easy is it to maintain the code. I have been using jasperreports for sometime for producing documents such as insurance quotes, cover letters, etc. Sign up using Email and Password. If you guys can talk more. Convert email to pdf. RenderX and our implementation team makes itxt of fopp in many, many situations — mostly all for manipulation of PDFs generated from RenderX.

PDF format is a popular format for sending receipt, email confirmation and other documentation and we often has requirement to create PDF documents using Javamostly in JSP pages. Also iText supports bi-drectional languages such as Arabic pretty well.


Below is my short comparison on when to use which, Apache FOP If you want to have a fine grained control over the presentation and ifext layout of the PDF. You have to make sure that your FO templates comply to the ltext, such as region-body must declare before region-before. You can’t drive to work with only a BMW engine. You can drive to work with an engineless car.

For brevity, i have not cop the input xml and xslt xsl: If you need different formats, or think you are likely to, FOP will make that job easier. I have to prepare PDF document with images generated by servlets, so it seems that iText is a good solution.? These questions motivates me to write this post.

Java Revisited: Open source Java Libraries to Create PDF documents – iText vs Apache FOP

These PDFs had ‘optional content’ layers. Notify me of new comments via email. The iText code is for generating one document.

How HashMap works in Java? February 6, at 7: There are a lot of pdf libraries out there like pdfsharp.

iText vs Apache FOP | LibHunt

From my point of view Apache licenses are more appropriate for commercial uses. The Software contains encryption software.


The primary output target is PDF. That makes the cost for using PdfBox high. These are layers than can be turned on and off. You said “iText allows you to define the layout in a more accurate way”. Response Output as PDF. First you see a raster image, but when you zoom in, the document switches to a vector image.

You can find the details at http: However, in the side, iText provides better support for PDF post-process such as adding watermarks. I have also included a small helloworld code snippet of each. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. It is pretty complete but has holes that have tripped me ihext frequently. Unknown on Call SQL procedure and functio…. Just take a look at the projects that use iText. It doesn’t have a visual tool.

Use of the Commons Lang code is subject to the terms and conditions of the Apache Software License version 2.

March 21, at 8: