“Flimsy Little Plastic Miracles” is the story of a writer’s desperate love for Emma Zielinski and the spectacularly bad decisions that cause him to. A bold, arresting new work of fiction from the acclaimed author of Everything Matters! and the forthcoming novel The One-Eyed Man (March ) In this. Flimsy Little Plastic Miracles. Ron Currie, Jr. Viking; pp. Reviewed by Amanda Holmes Duffy; March 11, Loss, love and the line between truth and.

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What could be better?

Flimsy Little Plastic Miracles

Books Book review: The Travelling Cat Chronicles. I didn’t love this book.

The voice here changes, loses much of its energy and the verve that drove the book to this point. Jan 28, Pages Buy. It’s like, there’s this big statement trying to be made. Quite a few strands in this fairly short novel, and they are constantly weaving in and out with one another through a series of James Patterson-short passages.

I adored the manner in which Ron chose to tell this This book succeeds for its unapologetic honesty and its refusal to conform to narrative standards. There is a strand about the Singularity and what will it mean for what we think about what makes humans human.

And there is the strand about Ron Currie, Jr’s. I’m surprised as I check the novel description here on Goodreads, as there’s literally nothing miradles in the book other than some description of stomach churning sex.

Because his third novel, Flimsy Little Plastic Miracles, had me hooked before I even got to the first page. We paid someone we did not know to transform him from a man full of love and hate and fear into three pounds of ash, which is just about as neat and tidy miraclles it gets, if you like neat and tidy so much. Be the liytle to ask a question about Flimsy Little Plastic Miracles.


Currie is busting up narrative to explore the blurry line between fiction and memoir. Finally I got it, aaaand read thru it in about a day. Hardcoverpages.

Ron Currie — Flimsy Little Plastic Miracles

But I am not sure that I can explain why, or maybe, I’m not willing to explain. It had to be, because otherwise there is no way it could have moved you so. Can you feel duped by fiction? He jumps off a bridge into a near freezing river, only to be saved by an angel. Stay in Touch Sign up.

Flisy it really matter if memoirs are factual? It reminded me of The Automatic Sweeteheart problem, a paper I had to write in a class I took on the philosophic groundwork of psychology that made me almost violent with frustration that may have been because Sibicky too much enjoyed playing devil’s advocate.

The Splendor Before the Dark.

An advantaged middle-class kid from Indiana shares misadventures with slackers and sociopaths on the road to finding purpose and a sense of self-worth. Not read a couple hundred page book in one siting on an office chair, a subway, and a recliner. Currie can be funny, clever, insightful and gut-wrenching all litlte once. Watch for the blossoms. Feb 01, Trish rated it liked it Shelves: Jun 14, Tom rated it really liked it.

Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Not so fast, Currie seems to say. It is fair to say what this story changed my life.


But if the writer turns out to be alive, did the author hoodwink you, or did you hoodwink mifacles It might mean that you self-medicate. It speaks more of my tastes, rather than of the novel, but as aptly put by the author-protagonist, we are perception machines. Home All Sections Search. No profanity, vulgarity, racial slurs or personal attacks.

Nearly everything he does, at least for the first two-thirds of the book, can be read as an attempt to achieve authenticity through the physical: Currie spends more than half the novel talking about how he was always there for her and she wasn’t.

Ron would be a difficult person to tolerate over the course of a novel if not for the fact that his worst acts are frequently buffered by unflinchingly honest tlimsy and an acknowledgment of his own culpability.

Book review: ‘Flimsy Little Plastic Miracles,’ by Ron Currie Jr.

Given the many musings on consciousness that Currie has folded into the story, I imagine much of that was intentional. He’s extremely self centered, concerns himself with only what affects him, and brings a lot of grief to a lot of people. The writing is fine. For instance, the format – the pages separated like thoughts, the whole story like a flowing stream of consciousness.

So, what are Flimsy Little Plastic Miracles? Women are always portrayed as the suckers, the needy ones litte men always as the assholes, the players etc.

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