You can export your map using the commands found on the Export tab or by choosing a format in the Save As dialog Save as type list. If the export you want to . You can use sidebars on the front page to carry out basic exports of map images or raw data of a particular area. MindMeister offers a wide variety of export options, enabling you to turn maps into Word documents, save them as PDFs, as images and more. Please note that .

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To ensure that all resource links in a Cmap remain valid after copying the Cmap to Placesbegin by right-clicking an unused space in “Views” under the My Cmaps heading, then left-click Folder You can return to expanded mode by applying the checkmark to the Expand sub-menu item.

Add a Concept From an open Cmap: Left-click OK to place the selected image into the background of the active Cmap. Shortcut concepts, and any linking phrases or lines that they are connected to, can be modified to your liking. A proposition can have more elements than two concepts and a linking phrase. Right-click the concept that you want the resource to link to, then left-click the Paste menu item.

This is the place to save your Cmaps if you want the rest of the Cmap world to see. To give a concept a background image, right-click the concept, then left-click Object Title Case makes the first letter of each word in the selection capitalized.

The color currently chosen appears in the Preview panel. One method of collapsing a nested node is to right-click a clear portion of the node, then left-click Expand from the Nested Node sub-menu to release the checkmark.

Using Autolayout CmapTools contains a tool exxportar can arrange your Cmaps in a logical manner. Left-click OK when you are finished editing the resource’s properties.


Compress all your files into a. Another way to use annotations is by creating a comment or suggestion for someone else’s Cmap.

Pages unavailable in Dutch Translate to Portuguese. Exportag “Synchronous Collaboration Enabled” dialog window appears, confirming that the Cmap is now ready for synchronous collaboration.

How do I Save or Export my Cmap? | ED | EdTech Help Guides

The “Choose Background” window will appear where you can browse for an image. You can left-click the Add User When you have finished selecting Cmap items, left-click the selection, then right-click Object If a Cmap or folder is not highlighted, and either Open is selected from the File menu, or Enter is pressed, the current “View” will open in another window. To have the linking phrase s from the parent concept point at all children concepts, left-click the exportag illustrated below under the heading Arrowheads.

Only users dxportar are listed as administrators of a specific folder can modify the permissions list on that folder, even if they have all of the other individual permissions that are given to administrators. To detach all child Cmap items from their parent, right-click a clear portion of the node, then left-click Detach Children from the Nested Node sub-menu. In label mode, the nested node may be labeled just as a normal concept would. Now when viewing the Cmap, the thickness of the linking line you selected has changed.

Export to other formats

Select Filethen Print Preview A sub-menu will open where you can left-click an item type that best represents your multiple item selection. An entire group of resource links can be managed by right-clicking a resource link group’s icon. Instead of requesting a session, you can alternatively work on your own using a copy of the Cmap by left-clicking Edit a Copy of the Cmap.

The order in which concepts are created for propositions affects the direction that linking line arrows point. From the “Styles” window, Font dialog: After returning any expanded nested nodes to label mode, you can clearly view the main ideas of a Cmap.


When using the top-down approach for building propositions, you may want arrows to point to children concepts only when they are positioned vertically higher than the linking phrases they are connected to. Saving and exporting Cmaps are two different things.

The “Save Cmap As” window will appear. Left-click OK to add the web page. View Cmap as a Web Page Cmaps that are saved on CmapServers, are automatically saved with a version that can be viewed as a web page on any web browser.

To give a name to the style used by the Cmap items you selected, left-click the arrow at the bottom portion of the “Styles” window. We will use Save Cmap As to demonstrate how to save a new Cmap. From an open Cmap: You may also drag the slidebar with the mouse, specify numeric values in the text boxes, or use a combination of features in the HSB dialog to select a color. Using the left mouse button, drag the middle point of the line out to a desired location.

This method allows people without CmapTools to view a Cmap and browse its resources, though the recipient of the email needs to know how to uncompress files to view the Cmap. The file name will default to the name of your Cmap.

To change the color of a linking line, select the line by right-clicking it, then left-click Line To save effective permissions of a user account on the folder you are working with, left-click OK.