Michael Yessis Plyometric Training Achieving Explosive Power in Sports – Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. Download Explosive Plyometrics, Dr Michael Yessis. Keywords: Plyometric, Exercise, Agility, Explosive strength, Speed. 1. Introduction . [14] Yessis Michael (). Explosive Plyometrics.

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You accustom the body to working out with many different exercises and activities. Also, using higher heights can be disruptive to the CNS even though your may not experience any visible signs of discomfort. By developing your jump abilities you can be on a par with most other athletes, especially those who have a predominance of white, explosive fibers and who typically do not do supplementary training to become better.

Prepare yourself mentally and physically for landing and takeoff. In essence, you leap, land, and then leap back to the initial position and repeat without any stops.

Explosive Plyometrics

When the tension becomes sufficiently great, downward movement stops. Hold the handles of two equal tension Active cords in the hands chest high. Lower the bar until it is about halfway to the chest or somewhat less.

Single leg side jumps Purpose: It culminates in getting you ready to compete. To better understand what happens in a plyometric jump involving the legs, following is a description of the sequential muscle and joint actions that are involved: The range explosiev motion in the knee joint should be no more than ” while the ankle joint goes through the full range of motion about “.



Double leg jumps with a ” turn Purpose: Write a customer review. In the landing, do not let the chest come close to or touch the floor. Individual chapters are devoted to the latest plyometrrics leg, arm, midsection and total body explosive training. In each phase you train to gain certain physical qualities or results.

It applies mostly to novices and to some mid-level athletes.

Stand holding a Strength bar in one hand with the weighted end yesiss to the rear. This jump is more difficult than the jump with a 90″ turn, and requires a higher level of coordination.

Explosive Plyometrics, Dr Michael Yessis – Free Download PDF

This shows that the plyometric exercises themselves had a greater effect in the decrease in power output rather than the type of weight training. Before attempting this, be sure that the machine has safety catches that will not allow the resistance platform to fly off the machine. By using this concept he developed what we now know as plyometrics. If a full explosive plyometrids workout is done, there should not be any speed work or it should be limited at 3.


All three actions contribute force to the upward jump, but the knee-joint extension is the major contributor. A major contributor to this article appears to have a close connection with its subject.

The purpose of tuck jumps is to work on a strong vertical push-off with slight forward movement while simultaneously bringing the knees up into a tuck position.

Many professional and Olympic athletes use plyometrics training to improve muscular strength and jumping abilities which therefore increases their power.


After the hips have cleared, rotate the shoulders forward and bring the arms forward to release the ball. In addition to creating the shock method, Verkhoshansky is credited with developing the stretch-shortening concept of muscle contractions and the development of specialized dynamic correspondence strength exercises. To help prepare for the forces generated on landing, you must engage the brain prior to touchdown.

Explosive Arm Training Chapter 4: After reaching the position, shift your weight and leap backward together with the pull of the cords to return to the original position. If you place your feet wider than hip width apart, when your legs extend, the forces created will criss-cross your body.

It is also important for increasing your ability to execute an explosive push off as needed not only in reaching for a person or an object, but also for improving running speed and acceleration.

Be sure to use the same tension cords at each attachment. The higher the height of the step-off platform, the greater the impact force upon landing.

Single leg jumps with forward movement Purpose: When you leave the ground, the push-off leg and foot should be fully extended and the swing leg exploosive should approach level or above and the shin should be vertical and relaxed.