(Only applicable if you’re submitting a paper entry.) Is the font a standard at the bottom of this page. Toshiba/NSTA ExploraVision Program Entry Checklist. ExploraVision is a scientific national contest held in the United States and Canada, a joint Students and teachers/mentors complete a Toshiba/NSTA ExploraVision Awards Entry Form, signed by the students, coach and mentor, , John Ross Elementary – Edmond, OK, Hot Car Safety System, Locust Valley. Have you participated in ExploraVision or are you familiar with the http://www. 1. Read entry kit. 2. Fill out.

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Each category will be judged separately, based on the abilities of students in those grades.

Rules & Requirements

Click here exlloravision request your ExploraVision Awards brochure. The Web page graphics should relate to material presented in the written description and illustrate the attributes of the chosen technology.

To download an ExploraVision brochure, please click here. Each complete project must consist of: ExploraVision provides a perfect opportunity for teachers to learn with students how to create a Web site. The Expolravision of the Future. Assistance for primary students may take the form of typing the entry, reading to students about the history of their technology, and constructing grammatical sentences.

Who is Eligible There are four entry categories. It’s a fun and engaging program that can inspire a lifelong love of science, technology and innovation for students kut teachers alike.

Any entry previously awarded a prize in another competition may not be submitted. You can then either implement it as part of your curriculum or become a exploravisioj for the students who would like to participate. They must then identify what breakthroughs are required for their vision to become a reality and describe the positive and negative consequences of their technology expkoravision society.

Articles lacking reliable references from September All articles lacking reliable references. You can cross check with a printable one page check list at the bottom of this page examples of past projects here. Designed for K—12 students of all interest, skill and ability levels, ExploraVision encourages its participants to create and explore a vision of future technology by developing new ways to apply current science. Entry is submitted in English.


Create a video eexploravision both what your project does and why it would be useful.

ExploraVision Science Competition

Information on the entry form is complete names, grade levels, school name, address, telephone number, and zip code. The Smart Exploravisiom [5]. Hot Car Safety System. However, students may not move down to a lower grade-level entry category. Exploravisikn looking for ideas, have students look at the tools and technologies they use every day.

Each entry category will be judged separately, based on the abilities of students in those grades. Internet sources, interviews, and non-original graphics should also be referenced in the bibliography. Is the project submitted in English? For a complete list of winners, go to Past Winners K May a parent who is also a team member’s teacher sponsor the team?

Please remember to give proper credit in enttry bibliography to any non-original art work.

Both teams go on an all expense paid trip to Washington, D. ExploraVision offers a great opportunity to put into practice exploraision of the National Science Education Standards. ExploraVision and other competitions can help all students become interested in science and technology as they apply to everyday life. How will this competition help in my teaching of science? The personalized future of autism therapy [3].

Participants are provided the opportunity to better understand the core disciplinary ideas in science, and engage in the scientific and engineering practices espoused in the Next Generation Science Standards, as they wrestle with solving real-world, authentic problems presented via the ExploraVision competition.

NSTA and Toshiba are not responsible for lost, stolen, late or misdirected mail or deliveries. If a team advances to the national level, they will then be challenged with 3 other tasks: Student, coach, mentor and school names do not appear in the Abstract, Description, Bibliography or Web page graphics. Click here to register now!


The Tick Detective – Creating a scanning device to detect the presence of a deer tick on the human body.

Toshiba/NSTA ExploraVision | Science and Technology

Helping the World’s Silent Side. Territories, or Canada and enrolled full-time in a public, private or home school. How many students can enter on one team? Future Technology — Describe exploravieion team’s vision for what this technology will be like in 20 years, including scientific exploravission involved in developing the technology. The Future of Microbiome Analysis. A national judging committee, made up of leading science educators and science and technology experts, will review original entries and actual Web sites, and select eight finalist teams four first-place and four second-placetwo from each grade-level entry category.

Frequently Asked Questions Q. Points will be allocated to each part of the description, to the bibliography, and to the Web page graphics. Mail complete entries to: Wave Power for Clean Water. Any student who was selected as an ExploraVision Awards regional or national finalist can only compete in subsequent years with student team members who have not previously been selected as ExploraVision Awards regional or national finalists.

NSTA will offer extra resources and technical support to guide regional winners who request additional assistance with Web site creation. Do not use report covers, binders, or folders. It can be a spark to ignite every student’s enthusiasm for science.

The description must also meet the following style requirements: