Hi there, as you might read in the topic: what would be the best choice for a home recording studio, which mainly focuses on. Originally Posted by Modern_Talking I have both mx and the mackie 24*8 consoles with meter bridge.. I must say I love the mx more. Great budget 24 input 8 bus console for stage or studioSpecifications: Extra 24 input MIX- B Channels, each channel individually 2-band EQ, Gain, Pan and.

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Otherwise, this console sounds “neutral”, it makes no specific staining, mx80000 personal, I like. And make sure, if you do go look at that board, that you fire it up and send signal through it.

I went this weekend to Germany to get it. USE Very, very comprehensive and simple. Simple manual but not very useful, everything is pretty clear on the console. Certainly there are better, but we’ll have to break the piggy bank What more to this price?

Sort by most recent most useful. Unbeatable value for money!!!

It was my first “big” console and I haven’t had the chance to compare it to any others. You really have to push very hard to recover breath. By thehorseshoe in forum Newbies. Without a doubt its weakest point.


The bar-graph is really handy, as well as the dual monitoring section The routing possibilities are huge thanks to the 8 sub-groups, 6 auxs and 24 inline inputs Based on your experience, would you buy this euroxesk again? After a day of use I am very far from being disillusioned! Crosstalk between channels are bad too. It makes much less noise than the brand’s modern consoles!

Nothing to add to what has ms8000 said already. Pumped back to the Mackie, the MX found in undeniable qualities and his abundant connections can do just about anything you want.

You get what you pay for.

All user reviews for the Behringer Eurodesk MX8000

Behringer eurodesk mx Sign in to disable this ad. The direct outs are particularly useful. One problem got fixed power supply and one didn’t one channel crapped out. They haven’t made this board in quite a while. Maybe the dumbest question yet???

First generation table like a mackie, it’s sublime! USE It’s a classic mixing console But be careful, depending on the mxx8000, the direct outs aren’t wired the same way, on the first version they are post-fader!!

Get the manual to learn more! There are inserts everywhere, triple sub-group outputs, etc. Unbeatable value for money given its possibilities. Truly impressive connection options for the price.

Well it makes quite a gas plant, worthy of some bikes a lot, but really much more expensive. I use my PC for midi.


Eurodesk MX Mixer by Behringer USA Valuation Report by

For an amateur home studio If that’s not much difference, I definitely go for the newer, plus the meter bridge is built in. The routing is very flexible. It’s a real delight. Opinions on Behringer Eurodesk MX? There are certainly better ones, but they cost 10 times as much! By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies.

Subscribe to our free newsletter Subscribe. I tested a Spirit. The value for money: One has the impression that anything eurpdesk possible in terms of routing and connectivity. I love the number of channels and the ultra-comprehensive configuration possibilities. To sum it up: Behringer has lost its pro against Mackie, because this table was a carbon copy of Mackie, Behringer for the next version uerodesk simply changed the presentation of the table, including changing the knobs couleure erodesk differentiate themselves from the Mackie!!

Although that’s a matter of taste. Enter your search terms Submit search form. My critisism was mz8000 the first version, the one Mackie sued Behringer for, which is considered to be the “best” MX Would I buy it again?