But Eugene Sandow, on his advent in New York, neither fell romantically from the HIS PHYSICAL TRAINING SYSTEM ADOPTED IN THE BRITISH ARMY. The Exercise Routine of Eugen Sandow than the use of the dumb-bell, for developing the whole system, particularly if it is used intelligently. System of Physical Training was Eugene Sandow’s first book. It actually wasn’t written by Sandow, or not completely, but put together by an associate of.

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15 Fitness Tips From 1800s Bodybuilder Eugen Sandow That Are Still Good Today

trainung If he loses, I give the money to an hospital. The two men were in the centre of the stage. About this time young Sandow’s holidays fell due, and his father, being in good circumstances and fond of his boy, who had been diligent in his studies, gave him the treat of taking him with him on a visit to Sadow. Huge in frame, fat and bull-necked, with a good- humoured, expressionless face, he appears to have found the exact vocation nature designed him for, in lifting huge weights above his head and swinging ponderous dumb-bells around his body as if they were children’s toys.

After the first two or three days the enthusiasm perhaps wears off. But his normal characteristic, professionally and privately, is self- effacement ; and though reliant and confident in his powers, he always bears himself modestly.

Train like a Sandow!

Sandow has furnished detailed instructions for the performance of his dumb-bell and bar-bell exercises and supplied the reader with a text-book which, he would fain hope, will be useful to the would-be athlete and to all who desire to attain perfect health, increased strength, and the full development of their physical frame. One of the latter, a writer in the Glasgow Herald, made sport of the affair by affecting to bewail the public loss of its most cherished allusions the taking upon trust the claim of the idol showman to be bigger, smaller, or fatter than the rest of us which turns out, after test, to be disenchantment.

Sandow was only too well aware of the unsatis- factory issues of his match with Mr. Since the volume was put in type, further testimony, of a gratifying kind, to the value of Mr. This offer was accepted ; the wire strands were examined as Sam- son burst them asunder by inflating his chest, and also the chains, which were snapped by a violent effort of the muscles of his right arm.

In all our aims after physical education the great thing to bear in mind is to avoid ambitious and elaborate efforts at bodily training. Nor are we without accredited testimony, from notable savants, as to the physical endowments of the great athlete. His pupil, after Sandow, figuratively speaking, had put his Cyclopean eye out, is related to have “burst into tears and 51 wept like a child. It was the instruction he most needed in pursuing his training as an athlete, and almost beyond price has he since found the knowledge he then acquired.


There seemed to be a hitch here. San- dow’s direction and personal supervision.

Train like a Sandow! – Physical Culture Study

Samson, naturally, had many admirers, drawn to him by his feats and long en- gagement at the Aquarium, and, of course, it was possible for him, through his friends, to try to turn defeat into a victory and create sympathy for himself by posing as the victim of the judge’s decision. Sandow was one, if not the most, well-known strongman of his time. His three former opponents, Bartoletti, Sarini, and Vocoli, accepted the chal- lenge, and, as may be imagined, great was the excitement which the proposed match evoked.

These are the exigencies of the campaign of life for the great bulk of our youth, to be encountered in the schoolroom, in the study, in the court of law, in the hospital, and in the day and light visitations to court and alley and lane ; and the hard- ships encountered in these fields of warfare hit as hard and as suddenly, sap as insidiously, destroy as mercilessly, as the light-march, the scanty ration, the toil, the struggle, or the weapon of a warlike enemy.

For a time it was the chief topic in the German and Italian Press, and the theme of comment in all the Mediterranean cities and towns. Sandow was obviously unacquainted with the knack, and it AV;IS only after prompting from the audience as to the twisting, and sev- eral fruitless efforts, that he succeeded.

He as yet knew no one in the city, though he possessed the pleasant manners and frank, open countenance of one ere long certain to make friends.

To such pupils, I would say, in all earnestness, “Don’t be overcome by apparent difficulties; if you wish to succeed, go forward; never draw back.

Sandow, to the one which appears in the chapter referred to, from Colonel Fox, H. He was, however, not unmindful of his 36 partner, Frangois, for he shared with him the profits of his exhibitions until he left the city. By and by a gentleman, not un- known in the prize ring, advanced to the footlights, stretched forth his hand, and said, ‘ Sandow is not far off. From France Sandow and Francois passed on to Italy, where, at Rome, they met with continued success as they adapted the pantomime to the tastes and local circumstances of that country.

There Atilla, shortly after appearing, had the ill-luck to meet with an accident on the stage, which terminated his engage- ment and threw both himself and Sandow out of employment.

Nor have athletes, amateur and professional alike, been either backward or grudging in their praise ; while to anatomists and the medical faculty in general, Sandkw appears if one may venture the phrase as a standing miracle. On the other hand, the partnership which grew out of this chance encounter was, while it lasted, of service to Sandow, for the latter learned something from the expert which was afterwards added to his own repertoire.


Says the Birmingham Gazette Nov. Sandow’ s introduction to his practical exercises His views on the the- oretic and practical bearing of physical training Influence of bodily exer- cise on the human organism A symmetrical and all-round development Exercise in fresh air Dumb-bell and bar-bell exercises recommended Ineffective and vicious systems of training Correct habits of breathing.

Samson is willing to stake 5, to Mr. Samson, with difficulty, trainkng to btain a hearing, explaining that the hundred pounds he had offered 3uld only be claimed by a man who could do all that Cyclops had lone, and not what had been accomplished on any previous night. I have two beliefs worth questioning: With the company was an artist whom Sandow had traibing in Holland at the time of his machine-breaking escapade, and an evening was devoted to the giving of a tfaining to this old confrere.

To obviate this, Mr. This incomplete and imperfect unfolding of the human body it should be the design of intel- ligent methods of physical training to correct and to supply with the needed exercises, so as to bring about a uniform and harmonious development.

Samson, always 58 theatrical, put one set on his forearm, and offered one to Sandow. Only the few are called upon, like the great traveller or the soldier in a campaign, to endure protracted fatigue and encounter serious obstacles in nature or severities of climate, from which most of us shrink, and for the under- taking of which few of us have either the will-power or the courage. The painting by Mr.

The honours once more fell to Sandow, who came off victor and received an enthusiastic ovation, with the usual accompani- ment of presents of fruit, flowers, and bon-bons.

The performance, though an amusing farce, gave opportunity for the display of Sandow’s extraor- dinary dexterity and strength, and served well the purposes for which it had been temporarily taken up. What do you like? Is the argu- ment without force as a plea for compulsory physical training?

It seems a pity that the difficulties cannot be solved by some such plan as the independent establishment of a series of tests by a competent authority, to which both men shall submit.