Eugen Kogon, the author or this book, was a left-wing German political prisoner at Buchenwald concentration camp. Throughout this book, he praises left-wing. Eugen Kogon (February 2, – December 24, ) was a historian and a survivor of the Holocaust. A well-known Christian opponent of the Nazi Party. Eugen Kogon. (Munich) – (Falkenstein). Professor for Scientific Politics. “To this day, at the age of seventy-one, it still happens to me that I thrash .

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Web Sites Allen, Michael. The behavior of each individual SS member, whatever his rank, typified the system and its basic orientation Kogon There was an obvious contrast between the development potentials of the SS, asocials and the convicts on the one hand, and the political and ideological inmates on the other.

This analysis of the psychology perhaps serves as his attempt to explain how the concentration camps kogln able to function as they did. The Theory and Practice of Hell is eygen classic account of life inside. Definitely worth the read for anyone interested in the period of the 3rd Reich. It took a little bit of time to finish this book, due to the difficult language euven.

In this respect the SS were the epitome of National Socialism. View all 8 comments.

I found especially interesting the last part of the book speaking about the psychology of the SS soldiers, the one of the prisoners and the one of the German people. Constant liaison was maintained with the camp and the numerous groups of former prisoners, and rather formidable difficulties had to be overcome, as will become evident from many of the chapters in this book.

Buchenwald was also a center for human medical experimentation, which Kogon describes in grisly detail. Jun 11, Lily S. Kogon tried to give a complete picture of the “SS super state” and its running of the camps and the power it exerted outside the camps through terror partly based upon the camps as well.


Eugen Kogon – Wikipedia

Kogon believes that the minds of the SS are closed except for a few fixed, dogmatic and effortless concepts. It was inferiority that led these men into the SS where they readily found refuge and an opportunity to assert their superiority. He was considered one of the “intellectual fathers” of the Federal Republic of Germany and European integration in Germany. No scientific evidence has ever been found nor has corroborated the flagrant and albeit ridiculous stories told by those that claim to have “survived” the camps.

On an ideological level, there was no difference in Nazi thought between killing the Jews and deporting them. Panorama Host 2 March – 21 December Their own work in helping to dissolve the camp quickly made them realize that it was quite impossible for outsiders to koon even an approximately accurate picture of the complex situation within the camp and to evaluate its euven significance.

The Theory and Practice of Hell: The German Concentration Camps and the System Behind Them

But he is also doing his best to be clear, to explain. Kobon his time as a war clerk he had access to secret documents, such as those that listed the names of prisoners selected for experimentation and execution. He discusses a wide array of details about the concentration camp systems such as the antifascist struggle against the SS as well as the conditions that the inmates must endure while incarcerated.

Really, it is a must read book for all history students and anyone interested in the second World War or history in general. Dec 03, Les Wolf rated it it was amazing.


From toKogon was also president of the German council of the European Movement. Jan 02, Katherine Addison rated it really liked it Shelves: For example, new malarial vaccines were tried on Polish Catholic priests incarcerated at Dachau, and this caused serious losses among them p.

Eugen Kogon

He also gives a description of the qualifications one must have in order to apply to the SS. He was transferred back and forth between Vienna and Buchenwald twice. But Kogon maintains a dispassionate and critical perspective.

But he firmly believed that he had to show the camp in honest, unflinching detail. He also describes the possible emergence of social groups who utilized different physical and psychological mechanisms to try and enhance their chance of survival in the camps.

You will well agree by the time you’re done. Taking this in snatches, the same MO as with Gulag Archipelago, as I don’t want the ideas here to be the ones to fall asleep on. In fact, the factual knowledge that they possessed rarely exceeded that of an eighth grade level. Oct 29, Kin Guan rated it really liked it.

The initial report was completed in Weimar within about a month. And the bigger “Germany” got, the more Jews it encompassed e.

He didn’t care how, and he didn’t care what happened to them once they’d gone. Jun 27, Alexandria rated it really liked it. A good broad overview of the inner workings of a concentration camp from a survivor.