Las “escalas de Conners” fueron diseñadas por C. Keith Conners en Desarrolladas para evaluar los cambios en la conducta de niños. Medias de las puntuaciones en la escala de Conners de los síntomas de trastorno por déficit de atención/hiperactividad y los problemas asociados en el tiempo. 28 ITEMS Psychometric Analysis and Normative data for the portuguese adaptation of conners’ Ctrs Adaptação Portuguesa da escala CTRS dados.

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Secondly, it is esxala to highlight, as a general conclusion, the importance of this work by presenting a final product that we consider very necessary for the use of Portuguese professionals working in this field and use this scale in a systematic way to evaluate Hyperactivity.

In summary, despite the notable variations, it is worth mentioning that all Cronbach’s coefficients range from 0. Scale alpha A Conduct problem items: Abstract of the psychological and behavioral literature In this sense, results presented here are more real and adapted to the peculiarities of the particular population in question.

Both sexes by age. Services on Demand Journal. Rscala the link below via email or IM Copy. The study of validity conducted by an Exploratory Factor Analysis revealed that, in general, the results can be comparable to those obtained by Conners; although data presented here reveals more clearly the presence of a final unidimensional structure which leads to the suggestion, for future work, for the elimination of the subscale D proposed by Conners and replace it with total scores obtained from the values of the three original dimensions A, Connees, and C.

J Child Psychol Psychiatry. Houston, we have a problem! Houston, we have a problem! Acceso el 03 de abril de A Hhandbook for diagnosis and treatment. Cancel Reply 0 characters used from the allowed.


As demonstrated, it seems clear that the Anglo-American scales are not applicable to the Portuguese connesr. Table 7 shows the most significant results of the analysis with the total sample.

See more popular or the latest prezis. Considering the age groups, it can be observed a certain imbalance in the extreme points years and yearswhen compared with the intermediate age groups in which the number of participants was significantly higher. Table 13 shows the number of different self-values for each of the dimensions proposed by Conners as well as the percentage of the variance explained by each component.

Dimensions from Conners Scale. Participation in this study was voluntary for teachers, children and adolescents, always with parental consent.

Escala de Conners

For all that, applying a much simpler analysis, it was possible to verify whether the dimensions defined by Conners reveal an underlying one-dimensional factor structure.

Central conduction time of magnetic brain stimulation in attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder. Luego se seleccionaron todos los cuestionarios de los casos positivos escala sscala la misma cantidad de casos negativos apareados por edad y sexo.

Contrast statistics from Kruskal-Wallis test by age variable. Normative escaala in revised. This latter version, according to factorial studies carried out by Conners, Sitarenios, Parker, and Epstein in Anglo-American samples, revealed the existence of three factors Behavioral Problems, Hyperactivity, and Passivity-Distraction which are defined by 23 of the 28 items of the scale.

Table 1 shows that In conclusion, after noting that the Anglo-American normative data are inadequate to interpret the results obtained for the Portuguese sample, this work leads to the proposal of new normative data that may be applicable to this particular population. Psychometric properties of the Vanderbilt ADHD diagnostic parent rating scale in a referred population.

As can be seen in Tables 14 and 15, the effects of both variables are significant in all considered dimensions of the Conners’ scale. On the other hand, to demonstrate whether the Anglo-American normative data are germane, relevant and appropriate, to the Portuguese population. To do this, and given the asymmetric and platicurtic negative kurtosis distributions with which data had to be operated, it was decided to carry out a nonparametric contrast applying the Kruskal-Wallis test.


Do you really want to escala conners this prezi? Fizeram parte do estudo 1.


A Hhandbook for diagnosis and treatment. Data collection through filling in the CTRS scale was carried out by a total of teachers.

Contrast statistics from Kruskal-Wallis test by gender variable.

School-based assessments and intervention for ADD students. In parentheses factorial structure from Conners. Rev Neuropsiquiatr Infanc Adolesc. Internal Consistence for C. In cnoners, Table 7 shows that the items that Conners classified as dimensions A and B Behavioral Problems and Hyperactivity jointly define factor 1 and residually factor 3, while most of the items Conners identified as indicators of dimension C Passivity-Distraction clearly define factor 2 in the present factor structure.

Merril-Palmer Q Behav Dev. A Portuguese version of the CTRS was administered on a sample of Portuguese children aged from to years.

Upgrading the science and technology of assessment escala conners diagnosis: On the one hand, focusing on the process of adaptation of the scale, one must conclude that, in general, the proposed adaptation fits, in terms of content and psychometric indicators analyzed, to the results originally proposed by Conners.

Factor Structure, Reliability, and Criterion Cobners. These results allow for the conclusion that the degree of reliability for the different subscales as well as for the totality of the scale is high and satisfactory.