Ericsson AB | A | Figure -X. What does OSS Training Provide? › It allows to build and maintain competence for customers in OSS-RC, ENIQ ST and ENIQ. What is ENIQ? Ericsson Network IQ (ENIQ) Is a multi-vendor and multi- technology data mining and reporting system to measure network capabilities ( KPIs). The following WCDMA RAN analysis features are part of the Ericsson product portfolio: • ENIQ, Ericsson Network IQ • RES, Radio Environment Statistics.

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And their quality is top notch. F Commercial in Confidence 10 Email: Once created, the profile may be resumed state changed to active or suspended state changed to suspended.

Ericsson Network IQ – PowerPoint PPT Presentation

The of this counter. Only when a counter is active values are generated, collected and can be analyzed. Explain various access techniques.

Axiata Robi BD Prep: F Commercial in Confidence 31 Email: Do you have PowerPoint slides to share? Along with identifying the Eniw applications and tools for management of specific technologies there are also a number of common applications that will be described in this training, such as those used for fault and performance management.

Learning situation This course is based on theoretical instructor-led lessons given in a classroom environment. The counter reflects the cell perspective. It is calculated as the rate between the total number of RL addition success and the total number of Ericsosn addition attempts, defined as the sum of success and failures.


Duration and class size The length of the course is 2 days and the maximum number of participants is 8. Duration and class size The length of the course is 2 days and the maximum ericssson of participants is Remember me on this computer. Log In Sign Up. During the network configuration part of the training, the participants will work hands-on with configuration of the EXB and ISER blade systems.

What is an ENIQ server and What is function?

F Commercial in Confidence 28 Email: Prerequisites There are no pre-requisites. When you receive a work-order, you will be able to execute a script on a node using Job Manager and Operation Procedure Support.

On a daily basis must you respond to demands for information on the status of the network, network trends and optimization? This paragraph is mandatory.

Define a signaling system no. Describe the two nodes involved in the P.

WDCMA Performance Statistics | Akteruzzaman Sumon –

Products Sold on our sister site CrystalGraphics. This course will introduce you to the ENIQ Ericssom technology, and will allow you to use the web interface functionalities to report on and troubleshoots on various aspects of the packet switched connection. Duration and class size The length of the course is 1 day and the maximum number of participants is 8.

Providing end users with performance reports. It can be deployed on a wide range of network technologies and data sources. Day Topics in the course 1 Introduction 0. If you are also involved erjcsson migrating existing statistical reports, this training may be a very good complement to the ENIQ 11 Statistics, Report migration workshop. The ROP file is fetched every 15 minutes.

  700 HLT1U24 PDF

Do you know how operators manage their network elements? To create your own reports you can attend Operation Customer reports and Report migration workshop; to administer ENIQ you can attend System and dataflow administration.

This course will describe fully where the information is stored and how to troubleshoot problems ericssn the Configuration Services, Notification Service, Directory Service or in any associated areas. The course consists of modules with mostly practical sessions task-oriented eticsson there will also be theoretical parts.

But these events collected in a binary format are not always easy to exploit. It provides a practical understanding on how to best use the Product Reports day-to-day. Give in own words why standards are important in Telecommunications. If you are starting working in different areas of GSM system and need a general concept this is the course you were looking for.

All platform changes that impact the functionality of OSS will be covered as well as any changes or improvements to the functionality. It can be increased by one or another value, for example to accumulate the number of bits transferred due to specific activity. Preferably students have attended one of the following courses before: