2/ LZN 91 Tools and Instruments 3 RBS Maintenance Manual all other Ericsson products using the product number to identify each product. The manual is intended as an overview of the Ericsson RBS .. as well as the indoor version RBS will be given in the. We have RBS DXUA BOE 14/1 R16B in stock. RBS is an indoor macro base station, we have all version in this store. If you need more.

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Put into operation 1.

PSU -48 Ericsson BTS GSM

Originally, GSM was an abbreviation for Group Special Mobile, which is a European mobile telecommunication interest group, established in Speech full rate Subchannel number: Remove the DXU from the sub-rack. Check all TRUs in the cabinet s. For information only, not a fault.

Operational On The CU is operational. Wait until the Operational indicator has a fixed green light. Is the Fail indicator off?

Fit a tie-wrap to the rear wall of the cabinet to gather all the all the loose cables. After replacement it will take at least minutes for the system to cease the alarm. However you need to pay for the sample fee.


Do not return the TRU sub-rack to Ericsson for replacement, repair or disposal. The green indicator “Operational”will start flashing. Local procedures and safety regulations must be evaluated and incorporated into this checklist. See Spare Parts Catalogue, Appendix B, to determine which repairable units should be returned for bte.

Carry out the following checks: Description Reset has occurred on ECU. If a discoloured or deformed battery is found during the inspection, replace all batteries in the same battery box at the same time. Secure the new RU by tightening the screws. Although the battery voltage may be low, the released power can be extremely high.

GSM BOE 14/1 R16B RBS Ericsson BTS base station DXUA all tested – telecommunicationbts

Be sure to have the appropriate TRU. This fault is valid only for master cabinet. The PCM board holds two btts with protection modules, the ESB board holds three sub-boards with protection modules. No fault is detected in the PSU.

ericsson+bts+RBS+ datasheet & applicatoin notes – Datasheet Archive

Preventive Describes recommendations for preventive Maintenance maintenance activities. On The DXU is in local mode. Symptoms of Poisoning Symptoms of Beryllium poisoning are respiratory troubles or cyanosis grey-blue discoloration of the skin.

If the fan is faulty, no action is needed. It is important to replace only one fan at a time because changing the air flow can cause equipment to overheat.


PSU -48 Ericsson BTS GSM good condition BMR 960 013/1 R11A RBS 2202

Remove the faulty HL cable that is connected between the master and extension cabinets. Tools and Instruments Specifices recommended equipment.

DC disconnect On Environmental requirements are not fulfilled. Make a request to the OMC operator to activate the cell s.

If the fans are rotated anti-clockwise by about 5 degrees then it will be possible to see the clips and the far edge of the fans. Be sure to secure the cables thoroughly and to cover the connector so that it will btts get stuck in the cable duct.

Action Check system voltage circuit breaker. The chimneys are secured to the fans by means of a push-on clip. The red indicator labelled Fault on the DXU indicates the fault status of the unit. Hand it over to your supervisor in exchange for a functioning tool. Explosive Gases Batteries may give off explosive gases. On A fault is localised in the CU. Wait 10 minutes before a new measurement is made.