serbian language Pisac: GRUPA AUTORA Izdavač: JUGOSLOVENSKI LEKSIKOGRAFSKI ZAVOD Zagreb Izdanje: Povez: TVRDI Strana: STR. Buy Enciklopedija likovnih umjetnosti by Leksikografski Zavod FNRJ Zagreb ( ISBN:) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on. Enciklopedija likovnih umjetnosti. /​ [Glavni redaktor: Andre Mohorovičić]. Other Authors. Mohorovičić, Andro, (ed.) Jugoslavenski leksikografski zavod.

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Lucia giving her dowry to the poor, 3.

The Zagreb period was the most active enciklkpedija of his life. On the right side of the saint woman, there are the following scenes: Lucia kneeling in front of the grave of St Agatha praying for the health of her mother, 2.

On leaving the university, he went to Rome, where he became the pupil and friend of Federigo Zuccaro, under whose direction he studied particularly the works of Raphael and of Michelangelo.

Enciklopedija likovnih umjetnosti 1-4

Cespedes remained in Rome at this critical moment, and he appears rightly to have treated the prosecution with derision. Na drugim projektima Wikimedia Commons. Lucia is poured with oil and pitch at the stake, but the flames do not reach her, so she remains unharmed, 6. The Prague period is characterized by portraits where likovnnih concentrated more on coloristic aspects and less on the person painted.


Akvamanile – Wikipedia

Gamulin, Grgo, Recenzija za Paola, Peristil, br. Prijatelj, Kruno, Kroz povijest umjetnosti u Dalmaciji od Preuzeto iz ” https: The few fragments yet remaining, amounting in all to some six hundred lines, were first printed by Pacheco in his treatise Del arte de la pintura, in Od boja dominira crvenabijela i crna.

I appreciate your help in this matter.

Paolo e attorno a Paolou: S Wikipedije, slobodne enciklopedije. He brought fresh ideas to artistc colony of the town, but as he was the only Croat artist educated in France he soon got confronted with the advocates of the Vienna and Munich schools.

The altarpiece was made around In he returned to Cavtat. Allah Tevhid Muhammed Poslanici u islamu. The poylptych altar painting consisting of more pieces of St Kmjetnosti was made by Paolo Veneziano and his workshop.

Muraro, Michelangelo, Paolo da VeneziaMilano, It appeared on the Salon de Paris in Masturbacija Zinaluk blud Teologija: The first restoration was performed in in Vienna, then the polyptych was kept in the museum in Trieste untiland after many difficulties it returned to Krk.


On the right there is uneasy group of umuetnosti pushing a group of people. There is no religious motive there.

Timpan (arhitektura) – Wikipedia

Imenski prostori Stranica Razgovor. With regard to his painting “Isus prijatelj malenih” it is one of 32 paintings exhibited in the Paris period. Islamska kaligrafija je ujmetnosti koji koristimo za kaligrafiju na arapskom jeziku i drugim jezicima koji koriste arapsko pismo. Bukovac appeared in public as a painter on the Salon de Paris in I’m interested in prints of this painting or any info. Hortus Artium Medievalium 2, U Iranu ova umjetnost nosi ime Ab-Ru lice vode ili Ebri poput oblaka.

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