[IEbook] PDF Download Emotiile distructive. Cum le putem depasi? Dialog stiintific cu Dalai Lama. Editia a II-a, by Daniel Goleman. [MEbook] PDF Download Emotiile distructive. Cum le putem depasi? Dialog stiintific cu Dalai Lama. Editia a II-a, by Daniel Goleman. Destructive Emotions has ratings and reviews. Unfortunately, Daniel Goleman rather gets in the way of the “dialogue” to which the title refers.

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Daniel Goleman: Cărți management și tehnici de management | Books Express

These practices were proven to be working from primary school students to top-level leaders such as CEOs. Yeah, also you are in the train, bus, waiting checklist, or other places, on the internet publication Emotiile Distructive. I read this twice and will probably read it as reference for years to come. I would like this part to be read as much as possible by teachers, pedagogues, parents and others who cooperate with little children.

Read by the author, Daniel Goleman. In other words it’s not an easy book but i recommend it if you want to expand your knowledge in cognitive psychology and neuroscience and how they can be aplied through right behaviours in society even reach the goal to become the right type of leader.

De asta ai nevoie de o carte ca Focus — Motivatia ascunsa a performantei.

Cărți de Daniel Goleman

I think the point of this book is to say that different people “focus,” or pay attention to, different things in different situation. It is written by a former science journalist of the New York Eistructive. I found myself entertained but wondering how I was so easily led away from what started as an insightful scientific view into the anatomy of attention and self awareness became a wistful exploration of ‘what makes a good leader’ and ‘leading for the long future’.


Dialog stiintific cu Dalai Lama. As with Emotional Intelligence, Goleman has found a way to turn the complexity of human behavior into an engaging read with practical takeaways.

Destructive Emotions: A Scientific Dialogue with the Dalai Lama

Interesting book on destructive emotions, their source, and what to do with them. He begins by outlining our general condition in society today as being inattentive. Carte Paperback — July Cartea ofera o perspectiva diferita asupra budismului, budismul fiind schitat ca un stil de viata, si nu ca o religie.

Open Preview See a Problem?

I mean, obviously the theme is supposed to be golemqn hence the titlebut it really seems like a bunch of moderately-interesting facts collected together with no context in a book with no real purpose.

Kept my attention but heavier going than the other books. Yet, it will certainly not take place here. Carte Hardback — 02 Apr The Wall Street Journal ranked him one of the 10 most influential business thinkers.

But perhaps that’s unfair–perhaps I came to it with too much expectation that it would provide me with neatly-packaged self-help platitudes and programs.


This strategy typifies sociopaths, who use their gpleman empathy to manipulate.

Esti atent la ce se intampla in jurul tau zi de zi, la ce faci, la ce te uiti si citesti? The analysis of “top-down” vs. Goleman continues to do a wonderful job of grounding past theory in modern neuroscience. And the facts themselves aren’t distryctive new or exciting.

Destructive Emotions: A Scientific Dialogue with the Dalai Lama by Daniel Goleman

View all 22 comments. Very rarely have psychologists—particularly ones as eminent as Paul Ekman—shifted their scientific lens to focus on people who were in some sense other than intellectually far above normal. It was interesting that Silicon Valley seems to be pursuing that subject, with Google one of the early-adopters.

They propose we need not just mindful leaders, but mindful society, one where we bring a triple focus: Carte Hardback — 22 Nov Carte Hardback — 08 Nov Throughout, these provocative ideas are brought to life by the play of personalities, by the Dalai Lama’s probing questions, and by his surprising sense of humor.

I would also point out the part about the education of children with the exercises for understanding and overcoming negative emotions, which certainly improves their quality of life.