Isolasi dan Elusidasi Struktur Kimia Antimikroba yang Dihasilkan Oleh Aktinomisetes Laut. Article (PDF Available) · June with 50 Reads. Isolasi, Identifikasi, Dan Elusidasi Struktur Senyawa Alkaloid Dalam Ekstrak Metanol-asam Nitrat Dari Biji Mahoni Bebas Minyak (Swietenia Macrophylla, King). New potential antifungal antibiotics UK-2A, B, C and D were elucidated as nine membered dilactone derivatives, isolated from mycelial cake of an actinomycete .

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Which were isolated from infected shrimps. Teknologi transgenesis khususnya transfer gen antivirus pada udang windu telah berhasil dilakukan melalui teknik transfeksi.

Eluisdasi Full Text Available This study was carried out to obtain Vibrio isolates able to function as biocontr ol of vibriosis in shrimp hatchery. SKT-b isolate from Skeletonema was the most effective to inhibit the growth of V. Monodon from two different habitats provide evidence that the internal environments within the host shrimp also exerts selective pressure on bacterial members. The liquid fraction was then hydrolyzed using formic acid and vacuum concentrated to obtain an astaxanthin-rich protein hydrolysate.

Hasil penelitian menunjukkan bahwa, secara morfologi isolat BT koloninya berbentuk bulat kecil, berwarna krem kekuningan, tepian licin, dan cembung, termasuk kelompok bakteri gram positif yang berbentuk batang, oksidase dan katalase positif, indol negatif, dan bersifat motil.

Penelitian bertujuan untuk mengetahui konsentrasi DNA gen antivirus yang optimal sebagai bahan transfer gen elusidasj embrio menggunakan metode transfeksi. Oral infection is a better way of mimicking natural routes of infection; investigating the host-bacteria interactions occurring in the digestive tract may lead to new strategies for the prevention or control of bacterial infections in penaeids.

Tingkat sintasan udang lebih tinggi setelah diuji tantang dibandingkan yang tidak divaksinasi. An understanding therefore, of molecular responses and defense mechanism s in shrimps against bacterial pathogens is essential.

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This suggests that TMs affect larvae settlement and it may account for the measured deficiency of heterozygosity. In the other crustaceans, Achlya racemosa and another Achlya sp.


Meskipun demikian optimalisasi komponen teknologi tersebut masih perlu dilakukan. The complete sequence about 1.

Understanding healthy microbial balance inside the shrimp intestine can provide an initial step toward better farming practice and probiotic applications. A subsequent marked proliferation elusidaso the number of V. The molecular mass of the deduced amino acid aa sequence aa strktur The study demonstrated that marine yeast diet administered once every seven days conferred better protection to P.

Apart from that, correlation analysis revealed significant negative associations between genetic diversity and TMs pollution ppollution. Nodules could be formed in the heart, lymphoid organ and injection site. However, the attempts to understand the molecular responses in the highly.

From the results, it was observed that this can be able to correlate the growth of vibrio species to a limited condition and other environmental parameters for which it will be able to find the remedial measures to prevent the growth and spreading of the diseases. The differential expression of the crustin-like AMP in P.

Undeniably, the knowledge on geographic distribution, transmission, virulence, and seasonal prevalence of this disease alongside information on the distribution of disease-resistant shrimps may be helpful to understand important aspects of disease biology. The sequences from DGGE bands were elusidqsi to those of Vibrio and Photobacterium in all shrimp, consistent with pyrosequencing results.

Also the different preservation method was carried out to suppress the growth rate of Vibrio sp.

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The several pathogenic species are commonly associated with outbreaks of Vibrio species and it is mainly associated with food poisonings. The crustin-like AMP was found to be constitutively expressed in the animal and a significant down-regulation could be noted post-challenge WSSV.

Almost all Vibrio isolates could inhibit the growth of pathogenic V. However, to use it, one must first understand an animal’s native hormonal systems. These recombinant phages were then used to transfect E. Survey, interview and observation. Powered by Create your own unique website with customizable templates. While some of the predicted peptides are known L. GC and MS were used to analyze volatile oils.


In this research, the occurrence of Vibrio sp. Shruktur with Micrococcus luteus, with no obvious resultant changes to the host’s gut surface. Pada tahap kedua penelitian dilakukan secara faktorial, faktor yang digunakan adalah konsentrasi virus terdiri atas 2 level serta konsentrasi formaldehid yang terdiri atas 3 level. Monodon and may reduce the diet cost for producers, who are supplying feed. Gen anti virus PmAV Penaeus monodon Anti Viral gene merupakan salah satu gen pengkode anti virus yang berasal dari spesies krustase.

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As the fastest growing among various agricultural commodities. An Illumina iSelect genotyping array containing 6, SNPs was developed and used to genotype offspring belonging to seven full-sibling families. Shrimp were collected at 15 struktir farms divided into four different farming systems: The seven microsatellites analysed showed high degree of polymorphism alleles. A total of SNPs were mapped to 44 linkage groups. Enam petak tambak masing-masing ukuran sekitar 4.

The purposed of this reseach that is to learning about management system of traditional shrimp ponds in Nunukan Island. The VOPBA results suggest that WSSV interacted with housekeeping proteins such as heat shock protein 70, ATP synthase subunit, phosphopyruvate hydratase, allergen Pen m elussidasi, glyceraldehydephosphate dehydrogenase, sarcoplasmic calcium-binding protein, actin and like protein.

Monodon must be able to colonize the digestive tract, particularly the stomach, where chitin is present, and then they use an array of virulent factors and enzymes to infect their host resulting in disease. While expansion of their aquaculture has classically relied on improvements to rearing facilities, these options have largely been exhausted, and today a shift in focus is occurring, with increased investment in manipulating the shrimp themselves.