Electrix Filter Factory – Analog High Order Filter – () rackmount multimode resonant filter with internal LFO modulator and manual, demo, video, comments. Stereo Vintage Filter Owner’s Manual . Filter Queen is part of a new series of remix tools from Electrix called the Warp Factory for vocal effects and vocoding. Filter Electrix Filter Factory: images, 8 user review(s), 4 classifieds, 2 files to I haven’t seen the manual for the Electrix Filter Factory, so I can’t say how well.

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Log in Become a member. It will take a few minutes to get used to how all of the parameters work, but everything is pretty self explanatory as long as you know electrjx terminology generally involved with filters like this. Similar to the old hybrid synths of the 70’s, FilterFactory is a true analog filter design with digital control.

Filter’s CV input allows most old monosynths to control the FilterFactory’s frequency and track the notes you’re playing.

What are these stories? The price is definitely reasonable and makes it a suitable item for any studio owner. While this isn’t a device that is a necessity by any means, it offers a lot of options and is capable of getting some really interesting and cool sounds.

The filter is very accurate, so it allows to search the detail with great precision and ease. This an extremely versatile piece of gear and will certainly bring a lot to the table for those looking to experiment with filtering. So watch your noreilles and your monitors, because past the first quarter already it starts to sing.

Do not expect a versatile floor distortion and violent, you either love the result is pass, because honestly useless to seek “the” sound distortion for ages, here is what is beautiful, or it is ugly, and for me it is often unusable as beautiful.


I said that I needed a stereo filter to stick to the Streichfett module that is sorely lacking, the result is a success ass, I leave everything to attack a Timeline, I call all of my three devices “super combo Detroit” Special mention to the envelope follower absolutely perfect! The machine offers 3 large illuminated buttons flanked by screen printing “Momentary”, as the name suggests it will be to start a section for a short time the effect is audible all the time that we build on button, then disengages when released.

Each type of filter is very successful, the versatility of the fact that all big it is always on. I have used this device for all sorts of applications including vocals, electric guitars, keyboards, and anything else that I might want to experiment with.

Overview – quick selection.

ELECTRIX Filter Factory Manuals

Filter Factory, Filter from Electrix. No panic for those who want to use elecrtix live, a tap tempo very reactive and adjusting the tempo divisions are there to prop up the LFO has the right frequency, when forcing the resonance, it will just hurt the ears of the public.

Playing with spleen or depth to create low dull, round, and to abyssal depths. Electrix Filter Factory tech.

This section makes it much more versatile than many other filter device. Did you find this review helpful? These are divided logically and in an ideal space to handle them without interfering with other commands: The setup is more than simple: Technical specifications CV Input: The filter between very easily into self-oscillation, it really do factoty push the front reso start raving like a madman on FX genre dub siren, alarmdisco LFOsci-fi etc, etc.

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Four Filters in one. No hesitation, get open. The notch provides a rather soft and organic phaser, not bad but not violent.


With a few pedals between the two What huh I put 10, because that’s what we want to filter. This isn’t a typical filter device and as long as you know this going in, you’re going to have a lot of fun using it.

I made a bank crossed only with the filter sounds. However, the rotary will TRIM many services, meanwhile. The elechrix is rack mountable and will take up two rack spaces.

One line level output that makes the green for example, but with a preamp before it can exceed the signal. Five waveforms to choose from: I ‘have tried any model before buying it, but I compare it with the auto filter live 8bin it is fatter, more authentic, but also less accurate, of course. Once and for all, this filter is an analog filter. Le monotron however, see below, is a bit feeble Since all parameters are automatable via its preferred daw, there will be no problem to avoid unsightly peaks.

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It allows really good effects funcky the P. I love the sound of this unit, able to transform a iflter like 40 euros monotron for example, war machine dubstep.

I’ve liked all of the outboard gear that I’ve used made by Electrix as they offer an interesting take on effects. I haven’t seen the manual for the Electrix Filter Factory, so I can’t say how well put together it is or not.