His story is told in El Sicario, the Autobiography of a Mexican Assassin, a two- year project of writer Charles Bowden, whose initial article. Confessions of a drug cartel hitman on the run . Molloy and Charles Bowden are the editors of ‘El Sicario: Confessions of a Cartel Hitman’. El Sicario: The Autobiography of a Mexican Assassin This is an explosive book, real revelations from a sicario or hitman for the Juarez cartel in Mexico. In the.

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El Sicario by Charles Bowden – Penguin Books Australia

It was also a little rambly and a couple of things were repeated, which confused me at first as I thought I’d mis-read or misunderstood something but hadn’t. Oct 06, Scycer rated it really liked it. Inside Mexico’s Criminal Insurgency. Jan 10, Jordan Parkhurst rated it it was ok.

El Sicario

Quien sabe nada mas por que si. Open to the public ; A dog’s breakfast of a supposedly two-day long confessional cartrl a former cartel hitman sicario as part of a documentary film. What made him want to change, a wake-up call of sorts, was when they began to kidnap women. Jul 29, Manfred rated it liked it. What are we to make of this? I recently read Charlie Bowden’s sicaruo City” in which this guy also appears and if you compare the two books there are quite a number of discrepancies in what he says and his angle on things and over all it is obvious that he only tells half-truths, twists things and reveals but a fraction of what he’s done and knows but then again he’s a sociopath, so what can confessiobs expect?


The cartel hitmen were stalking him around town within t This is the only book of its kind. The general idea that the cartels are immensely powerful. He admits his numerous mistakes. Get out now, keep looking out for the signs. Lake Macquarie City Library.

This was definitely a good read but the manner in which it was written could have been better thought out. But during his divinely-guided escape, he opens the phone book, calls the man’s office, tells him he’s coming to meet him, and then strolls right into his office to meet him face-to-face.

The only option is to conform to the will of the capos. This book is told in his own words, as told to reporters as he is in hiding in the US. This makes a large portion of the book really valueless to the reader.

Confessions of a Cartel Hit Man – The Texas Observer

Lists with This Book. To help us recommend your next book, sicaro us what you enjoy reading. This self proclaimed queen of procrastination has finally finished her book.

To do this, he had to submit his real name to the local authorities, along with his address. Set up My libraries How do I set up “My libraries”? Feb 07, Samuel Mustri rated it liked it. Now he lives in the United States as a fugitive. Like Bowden says, “There are things no one wants to know. Having lived in Mexico, been robbed in Mexico, and been kidnapped in Mexico – there isn’t anything in this book I don’t believe. Published Mon, Nov 7, at The book would have benefited from more detail on the work which he carried out, preferably with specific examples.


While this is a candid and honest account of one man’s time as a cartel hit man I was expecting more detail. Apparently, every fifth page or so.

He left the business and turned to Christ. As trust between the two men developed, Bowden bore witness to the Sicario’s unfolding confession, and decided to tell his story. The book is not a morality tale, xicario an attempt at salvation.

El Sicario is the hidden face of America’s war on drugs.

By Charles BowdenMolly Molloy. The graphic, merciless violence and torture.

El Sicario: The Autobiography of a Mexican Assassin

Learn more about Amazon Prime. His chilling confessions span 20 years of corruption, bribery and murder. Ov difficult to believe that things have gotten that bad in the border region.