Sergio and I launched El Corno Emplumado in January Its very first issue included original work by such luminaries as Nicaraguan poet/priest Ernesto. A few of many were: La Cultura en México, Diálogos, El Rehilete, and among them, El Corno Emplumado / The Plumed Horn, edited by Mexican poet, Sergio. In , Sergio Mondragon and Margaret Randall, an expatriate American in Mexico City, founded El Corno Emplumado/The Plumed Horn (“the jazz horn of the.

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This would require a great deal of work, but we were enthusiastic about embarking on this tradition, making a good body of work by one There are no activities programmed for today, but you can still enjoy the digital contents of our website.

The foregoing list might seem like a boastful compendium. You are commenting using your WordPress. I live alone in the woods and have as far as feasible for me copped out of the monastic institution. We broke through the US-imposed cultural blockade and made Cuban poetry available to a Western readership. So we printed poems with long lines sideways on the page, rather than breaking them to conform to standard format requirements. Matti Rossi, the Finn who translated the rich selection of Finnish poetry that appeared in 14 April,wrote us often.

Remembering El Corno Emplumado. Back then, the atmosphere was coated with a revolutionary enthusiasm brought about by the Cuban Revolution, the editors too were receptive to this frenzy. It quickly gained a growing reputation receiving complementary letters from Herman Hesse and Jackson Mac Low.

I finally met her in person when I traveled to the Cuban Cultural Congress inwhere we cemented a lifelong friendship. I do so because we were the driving and sustaining forces behind the magazine.


In these protests, art and ideology converged, especially among the counterculture groups of the time, such as, the Black Mountain College or the Beat Generation. America five hundred years ago was clouds of birds, miles of bison, endless forests and grass and clear water.

Margaret Randall and Sergio Mondragon used the substantial journal between pages to publish exciting new poetry mainly from Latin and North America.

El Corno Emplumado 22 – Margaret Randall

The most reliable evidence of this legacy can be found in the hundreds of young poets who have written to me over the years. We were conscious of wanting to present a range of political and spiritual ideologies, and so we published Beats alongside Language Poets, Communists and smplumado fighters alongside Catholic priests and mystics.

Know more about our architecture and spaces. Sign in Newsletter x. Perhaps when I entered here I believed I was, and kept it up for five, ten, fifteen years, even allowed myself to become novice master and tell others what it was all about. Her apartment immediately became a gathering place for young people who aspired to be writers.

El Corno Emplumado / The Plumed Horn: poetry, life and resistance

You are commenting using your Facebook account. Towards the end of the s, North American, Mexican and E,plumado American Poets were migrating out of their countries due to the political persecution that had been initiated by communist paranoia in the years following the Second World War, which saw the beginning of a new global tension: Sergio and I were disciplined and serious.

I saw this film for the first time at the Guadalajara Book Fair, one of its inaugural showings. Tales objetivos determinaron las tendencias de El Corno: Living south of the border I learned fast about the relationship between US domination and the dependent nations in its orbit. Museum hours Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday: And the thing about bridges is that they multiply: There was no way I would be able to showcase the journal in all its breadth and depth.


El Corno Emplumado/The Plumed Horn | John Rylands Library Special Collections Blog

Some of the most important anthologies were the contemporary Mexican ones. We translated as much of it as we could, or commissioned translations from others.

Perhaps it had to do with chemistry. Many of us experimented with hallucinatory substances. One of its tactics was cooptation: I was powerfully eel to its timbre. Now the journal was making a name for itself. Things have been happening here: Bookstores ordered the journal, but in many cases delayed paying their bills. But not for long. The magazine contributed admirably to the production of poetic texts by authors from Latin America and the United States.

Of course that too is delusion.

They go back to the Neolithic: Unfortunately, not the repressive system of the State. This was especially true for Latin America and the Caribbean. It empulmado me a month. El Cornowith its posture of resistance against social injustice, was published in a critical moment of the history of the American continent.

If you need specific information on this work or artist, remember that the MACBA Library is at your disposal, or feel free to write to us at arxiu macba. The following is a fragment:. The emppumado I most loved.