Edward Leedskalnin’s Perpetual Motion Holder by Matt Emery. magnets in frame or base, but run directly away the same as they run the North Pole magnets . 2 Ed Leedskalnin/Ed Leedskalnin – Magnetic Current And Magnetic Base ยท 3 Ed Leedskalnin/Ed Ed Leedskalnin Collection. Topics Magic. Ed Leedskalnin – Magnetic Current (Illustrated PDF version).

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Two magnetic currents are the fabric of what is holding together everything in our universe including the ATOMS themselves, this is what builds and holds an Atom into a structure.


For more delicate use hang the magnet in spider web. A sense of truth can be felt behind his every word, but there also a more esoteric aspects to his writings just as compelling. Put the North Pole of the U shape magnet on top of the strip, and dip the lower end in iron filings, and see how much it lifts.

In a car battery the North Pole magnets run out of positive terminal and South Pole magnets run out of negative terminal. Those books never arrived. Each is very different from the other.

North and South Pole magnets make the lightning, in earth’s North hemisphere the Wdward Pole magnets are going up and the North pole magnets are coming down in the same flash. When the bubble is cool, break it up, then you will see the space left where the magnets were in. They are so small that they can pass through anything. It remains stationary in the middle, but the electron has to run around it. Then those individual magnets which are in the coil would dissipate in air.


Edward Leedskalnin bases his unified field theory on detailed observations he made from direct experimentation with magnetism and electricity. Leedskalnin’s demonstrates how a transformer works by only charging one of the PMH’s two coils. Now you have an electric magnet.

Now you get the equipment and I will tell you so you can see for yourself that it is in the way I have told. It wouldn’t be a double helix because at any given point, they may be identical February edited February in Decoding Ed’s Writings. Hang one by middle with fine thread, and hang it up in Magnetoc side of the room where there is no other magnet or metal around. The spring or helical shape allows the magnets and magnetic currents to compress amperage: Put both wires in clips, connect with battery, have the wire ends square, now put the loose ends together, and pull them away.

Magnetic Base / Cosmic Force

Together, these works are the embodiment of ‘ Cosmic Force ‘, Leedskalnin’s universal theory of the individual North and South pole magnet. If possible have them from laminated iron. Put two pieces on top of the copper wire, the ends just a little over the copper wire. That connection gave the negative terminal a bbase dose of strength, and so it became hotter and could push more.

You saw how magnetic currents are made in battery from metal by acid. To do it the coil will have to approach and enter the Leeskalnin shape magnet, but when the coil reaches the middle of the U shape magnet the limit is there so the running of the currents stop.

Bsae particle in the substance is an individual magnet by itself, and edwagd North and South Pole individual magnets. They send out magnets and receive back the images from the objects we see.


Guide to Mechanical Engineering Programs. From a nano level up to the structure of our universe itself. This is the way the North and South Pole individual magnets are running out of the coil’s wire lengthwise.

In the paragraph below Leedskalnin teaches us how AC is made by man: Those people who have been wondering why the moon does not come down all they have to do is to give the moon one- half of a turn so that the North end would be in South side, and South end in the ,agnetic side, and then the moon would come down. The numbers are regulated by the transmitting tube, and the speed by voltage. Now I will tell you what magnetic current is.

When you put the ends together, the North and South Pole magnets are passing from one wire to the other, and in doing it they pull the wire ends together.

They should be equal.

Each bead’s center is light, and the outside rim dark. It will not be economical, it is only to show how a transformer works. To run they have to run one against the other.

Electricity is made in two different ways. When the first bubble swells up then it contracts in the middle. He leedekalnin evidence for his more sound base of understanding by demonstrating the results of over fifty experiments. They are the building blocks of nature’s perpetual transformation of matter, and they are so small that they can pass through everything.