EC/ EC 33/ EC/ Data Structures and Object Oriented Programming May/June Question Paper ECE 3rd Semester Regulation. EC – DS – oops QB UNIT – I PRINCIPLES OF OBJECT ORIENTED PROGRAMMING Introduction- Computer Notes – Functions & Constructor. Cs Graph Theory and Applications Notes PDF Book. Uploaded Cs Design and Analysis of Algorithms Appasami Lecture Notes EC QP.

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If you were to avoid using object oriented programming principals altogether then you’d effectively be writing C-style code. Regardless of your aggregate numeric grade, a minimally satisfactory score is required on each exam.

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We do realize that your classes are lengthy and there is limited space in the rest rooms to be used during breaks, but frequent coming and going during the class is discouraged.

The Economy in the Long Run c. Chapter 2 Mankiw The Notrs Theory: Letter grades will be assigned as follows: Short Run Equilibrium f.

As it stands, this program does nothing useful whatsoever, but it has everything you asked for. The theory of Real Business Cycles g. Money Market and the LM Curve e. Feel free to stop me at any point to ensure that you understand before moving on.

In all but the most extreme emergencies, these excuses must be submitted in advance of the missed exam Problem Sets: If you must miss a class, please telephone or e-mail me in advance. Attendance and Norms of Civility: What is object oriented programming language in C plus plus? Core Principles Separation of Concerns A given problem that involves different kinds of concerns should be identified and separated to cope with complexity, and to achieve … the required factors of robustness, adaptability, maintainability, and reusability Single Responsibility Principle Each responsibility should be a separate class, because each responsibility is an axis of change Cohesion The degree to which its responsibilities form a meaningful unit; higher cohesion is better Interface Segregation Principle The dependency of one class to another one should depend on the smallest possible interface Dependency Inversion Principle The modules that implement a high level policy should not depend on the modules that implement the low level policies, but rather, they should depend on some well-defined interfaces.


Economic Model Building d.

Instruments of Monetary Policy c. Chapter 20 Mankiw 8. Home assignments must be typed and are due in the following class automatically, unless mentioned otherwise. Object-oriented programming OOP is not a separate language, it isa programming principal. It is inconsiderate and distracting.

EC Data Structures and C++ Lecture notes Collection

So class attendance is extremely important and active participation in class is strongly encouraged. They are designed to help you study for the exams. This is ec22022 and distracting to people around you. The Economy in the Long Run a. By hiding some class members from its’ users, interaction with class objects is simplified.

With a well-defined class system, it should be nottes for any object to hold invalid data, and therefore impossible to write code that could invalidate the data. New objects could be derived from existing objects to take advantage of tried and tested code that could be specialised to suit a particular purpose.

It is therefore in your best interest to work on them thoroughly. Economy in Short Run I a.


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The Imperfect-Information Model d. OOP is merely a programmingtool and, like any other tool, you use it wherever it isappropriate to do so, just as you use C-style wherever appropriate. Would you like to merge this question into it? A single class can contain a large number of variables and functions that all relate to each other. What is object-oriented programming in c plus plus? Object-oriented programming is nothing more motes a programming tool, making it easier to represent and manipulate data in a highly structured manner that is both robust and ex … tensible, whilst reducing code maintenance.

I expect each of you ec22202 drop-in before too long or too late. Violations of academic integrity will be reported to your class dean and then reviewed by the College of Arts and Sciences Academic Integrity Committee.

Transactions Ec2022 of Money Demand e. Chapters 1 Mankiw The Data of Macroeconomics a. Who developed the C plus plus object oriented programming language? Chapters 16 and ec202 Mankiw IX. Split and merge into it. Natural Rate of Unemployment i. Interest Rate Differentials Reading Assignment: There will be three in-class exams two hourly exams and final exam.

Department of Economics EC2202.06 (TTh 1:30-2:45)

You don’t give any details on what the program should actually do, so it’s up to you to fill in the details. The four main pillars of OOP are encapsulation, inheritance, polymorphism and abstraction. Patterns of Unemployment l.