Purchase / E88CC vacuum tubes online, in stock and ready to ship! Find reviews, data Genalex – Gold Lion E88CC / . Tungsram E88CC / Very good prints and good readings of Tungsram E88CC Red Label. Red labels are industrial grades. Tungsram seldom gets the spotlights for their tubes, but. E88CC Tungsram, E88CC Tungsr, Triode, NOS tubes, by Tungsram, E88CC 6DJ8, Tungsram RED LABEL O-getter, very good tubes, made in Hungary.

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I want to try tubes that have very interesting low end detail, because I think it gives life to music. Aug 4, at 3: I’ll pm you after the weekend if that’s OK. Originally Posted by julesd Prolly because of s88cc and other manufacturing differences.

Amperex USA 60s USA – didn’t like them, they sounded very nice, highs and lows pretty much drop off to only focus on mids. Similar tooling to classic German Amperex installed in Audible Illusions and Audio Research preamplifiers in mids. I guess I had thought early 60s Siemens might be a super-Tungsram sound-wise, but clearly I can’t make such a dubious deduction.


I like it when the bass tickles my ear drums. This Amperex branded was made in in eastern europe and is an excellent value in the 12AT7 tube category. Looks like I’m dutybound to look into NOS then. A quick glance into the satanic orb that is the Google search engine has immediately thrown up a link which has triggered the familiar doubt that is common to all planetary victims of the current branding babel.

  M7 1N4007 PDF

Here are my current experience and I am kinda of a bass head. Mercury Boy Thanks for the replies. Hide full thread outline!

This is due to better sonic performance due to the tunggsram low distortion. They are clear and detailed but still possess the warmth and convey instrumental textures in the way that only tubes can.

One of the finest sounding preamplifier tubes ever made. Telefunken E88CC – euro21 No, create an account now. Aug 3, at tungxram You must be logged in to post a comment.

Tungsram /E88CC Vintage Tube | eBay

Initially this tube checks out OK but many prematurely fail due to poor construction. Yes, my password is: An excellent replacement for any 6DJ8 tube type. Aug 3, at 1: Do you already have an account? I am assuming it is the earlier ones from the 60s, since I haven’t seen any Siemens E88CC tubes from the 70s that seem to have similar looking internals to the Tungsram.


Tungsram E88CC red label

Actually, Red print in Industrial and Military spec test better. I think I’ll probably take the opportunity here to tnugsram both a pair of russian valves and a couple suggested by Phil if economics allow – presumably there is more than hype to NOS glassware They don’t sound anything like the red label E88CC.

It would be a stretch to conclude that somehow these tubes are totally different from Tungsram E88CC tubes produced from ss. E88c Bored Member Posts: Excellent sonics and reliability.

Thank you for the suggestion Jules. Questions fungsram tubes and gear that glows. All times are GMT. After having gone through over 3K of Tungsram E88CC tubes, mostly small lots of pcs of all varieties from early s-early s, here are some observations: Very sweet sounding, with extended dynamic range and remains quiet.