DENTSPLY International, Inc. is a multinational health care corporation with operations around the globe and a rich history of product excellence. For over a. Kiss – A Better Veneering Concept • Duceram Kiss – a veneering ceramic for classic precious and non-precious alloy frameworks • With only 73 porcelains. Dentsply DeguDent Duceram Kiss Add-On Final Kiss – 75 g. HK. High- melting metal-ceramic for classical precious metal as well as non-precious metal .

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Salloum Trade on facebook. Amplifies ducsram brightness of the veneer. Dentalzon is responsible for analyzing order by order to improve it, so sometimes we will contact you to offer you a better offer than the one you have selected.

Ducera Liquid SD Modelling fluid — for mixing dentine, modifier, incisal and transpa. Requires longer drying duferam. OS1 – OS2 Opalescent incisal powder for imitating the natural color scheme in natural enamel. Flu1 – Flu2 Fluorescent dentine ducwram.

This is a dentine with outspoken fluorescent character. Simply mixing any of these Power Chromas in ratio 1: Sunset and Sunrise are for characterisation of incisal areas and also for fine transparent chroma reduction in the body area. Everyone makes mistakes The products might be incorrectly matched. O Powder Opaque 20g or 75 g.


D Dentine 20g or 75 g. TC Transparent powder 20 g. S Incisal 20g or 75 g. WS White surface 20 g. In this way, even the slightest shade transitions can be easily and systematically found.

LABOSHOP: Dentsply Sirona Duceram Kiss Dentine, D A1

Duceram Kiss Materials DeguDent. OE Opal effect powder.

The shipping charges are charged once per deposit, if you choose several products of the same deposit do not worry for the shipping expenses; in your cart will only appear once. Each deposit applies a different tax depending on the country of origin.

These pigments burn out totally.

LABOSHOP: Dentsply Sirona Duceram Kiss Add-On Final Kiss

This powder can be used by itself or in combination with any other powder in the set. Carving Liquid 50ml or ml. If something is out of stock we will warn and advise you. Glaze 12g or 50 g. With the aid of the six fluorescent Power Chromas you can reproduce almost all cervical and mamelon effects as well as using them to raise duceraj chroma.

Try to enable javascript from your browser’s preferences and then reload this page again. Opaque Liquid 50 ml or ml. Final Kiss 20 g.

OS Opalescent incisal powder 20 g. The products might be incorrectly matched. Javascript is disabled in your browser dentalzon does not work properly without javascript. Check the minimum price of each deposit to check when they are free. Pigmented with organic colors to allow visual control while building up.


Ducera Liquid Quick Modelling fluid — for mixing dentine, incisal and transpa, whenever an duceeram drying time is required. Gum Gum colored powder 20 g.

Duceram Kiss

View our policy here. Sunset – Sunrise – Ocean – Sky – Fog.

Do not worry if your order is not accepted by the deposit or if it has been rejected. Sometimes the deposits establish a minimum price so that the shipping costs are free. Gum 1 – Gum 2 By mixing the Gum ducerak 1 and 2 with specially selected effect powders see diagram you can copy most effectively any characteristics of natural gingiva.

By mixing the Gum duecram 1 and 2 with specially selected effect powders see diagram you can copy most effectively any characteristics of natural gingiva.

Invisible short wave light is absorbed whereas long wave light visibly emitted.

PC Power Croma 20g or 75 g.