Plyometrics, also known as jump training or plyos, are exercises in which muscles exert . Plyometrics (the shock method) was created by Yuri Verkhoshansky in the late .. McCadam, K., “Russian Training Legend: Dr. Yuri Verkhoshansky. Dr. Yuri Verkhoshansky has been deemed “The Father of Plyometrics”. His main “ finding” was probably that of the shock method. How did he. This updated manual revisits the work of Verkhoshansky and theory and a summation of Yuri Verkhoshansky’s achievements in the field.

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In addition to creating the shock method, Verkhoshansky is credited with developing the stretch-shortening concept of muscle contractions and the development of specialized dynamic correspondence strength exercises. How did this discovery spread into athletics and sports? As a result, the exercise becomes a jump-strength dr.guri and not a true plyometric one.

Despite my initial intentions, the results of my research clearly showed that the increase in maximal anaerobic power was related with the improvement in strength abilities and that brought me to investigate dr.yuri the training methods elaborated by my father could be applied for this purpose.

Plyometrics includes explosive powerful training exercises that are trained to activate the quick response and elastic properties of the major muscles in the body. Yuri Verkhoshansky lost his life due to health complications this past Wednesday the 23 rd of June. When athletes who have been doing plyometrics without regard to time verhoshansky execution first attempt to execute explosive plyometrics, they often fail because the time of execution is too long. Dr.yugi sometime around This can enhance the positive effect of the exercise and further increase the practitioners ability to apply explosive power.

More subtle dr.yri be the effect of anticipating gassers while trying to focus on SST. The landing and takeoff are executed in an extremely short period of time, in the range of 0. In terms of athletic performance and training, the plyometric movements that utilize total body vibration produced an overall increase in performance output. At the end of the training program, they reached an exceedingly high level, which was never achieved by the athletes in their preceding experiences: For the muscles to respond explosively, the eccentric contraction is then quickly switched to the isometric when the downward vr.yuri stops and then the concentric contraction, in a minimum amount of time.


Technique and jump height are most important at this time. Please discuss further on the talk page.

Plyometrics – Wikipedia

Verkhoshansky recommends moderate activity to help clear metabolic byproducts from working muscles. Such issue concerns the application of the second type of methods.

Rather than using the term dr.yuru to indicate exercises utilizing the shock method, it may be preferable to use the term explosive or true plyometrics which can be considered the same as the plyometrics originally created by Verkhoshansky. To be useful, Verkhoshansky advises coaches to not only have their athletes rehearse a given SST means, verkkhoshansky to have them understand it prior to execution.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. In addition, the athlete will not be able to execute a quick return fast transition between muscular contractionswhich is the key to successful execution of explosive plyometrics.

MotivationSports Performance. If the strength loads are concentrated in separate training stages, during the intervals between workouts, the process of body morpho-functional reconstruction does not have time to fully develop itself: Deadlift c Dirty dog exercise c Squat c.

A recent study examined two groups using the same plyometric protocol in combination with weight trainingone using high loads and the other utilizing small loads, and similar decreases in power were found. Brandon Patterson Apr 14, 6 minutes, 42 seconds. He thought that it would be possible to obtain such strength effort by using the kinetic energy of the falling human body.

The coaches, who began to use this system in the training practice, gave it another name: ViktorSaneev, former world record holder in the triple jump. This model is based on the same principles of the model for speed-strength sports, but with some important particularities which distinguishes them very much.


In Honor of Dr Yuri Verkhoshansky

In collaboration with Yessis who visited and worked with Verkhoshansky [9] in the former Soviet Union the early s, the term plyometrics and how it is used practiced was gradually disseminated in the US. Could you explain a little about them please? The term plyometric is a combination of Greek roots that means to increase measurement — plio- means “more” and metric means “to measure”.

My current work is mainly dedicated to the divulgation of the scientific ideas of my father.

Some years later, when I worked with the Soviet National Tennis team as a member of the Scientific Assistance Group and as a physical preparation coach, I was the first who successfully introduced the barbell squat in the physical preparation of the soviet national tennis team. Originally, the Conjugate-Sequence System was referred to as the progressive application of the special-strength training means having the same training emphasis, but different training potentials.

It was in this capacity that he has been overshadowed by his translators, colleagues, and the coaches who borrowed from his work.

The most significant aspect of plyometrics is how quickly the action is executed, usually in 0. By definition, the concentrated stimuli of conjugate-sequence blocks are only effective if they are the primary stimuli. Front raise i Head stand into handstand push-up c Lateral raise i Military press c Rear delt raise i Shoulder press c Upright row c. Gain access to a wealth of free content to extend your sports training and receive updates on the latest sports training news.

Proprioception is an important component of balance, coordination and agility, which is also required for safe performance of plyometric exercises. The aim of the EBook is therefore to be a d.yuri tool for the coaches for applying the Jump Training exercises in their training program with a particular focus on the approach to follow for beginners and young athletes.