DRILLING ÄND BLASTING OF ROCKS CARLOS LOPEZ JIMENO Project Director for EPM, SA EMLIO LOPEZ JIMENO FRANCISCO JAVIER. Submitted By. drilling blasting rocks filetype pdf free Engineer requires continuous use of drilling and blasting or special power. Facts About: Underwater Drilling. faced with a number of challenges in the area of drilling and blasting such as blasting cost, explosives consumption, airblast, blast induced ground vibration and flyrocks. Sorry, there is no online preview for this file type.

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Drilling and Blasting of Rocks

There is also a safety valve. Pla, E et al.: The resulting product is pumped into the blasthole. In underground jobs, rotary percussive drilling has taken over most of the work, leaving only low to medium strength rocks that are non-abrasive potash, coal, etc.

Determination of the block size between radial cracks. These trucks are similar to concrete trucks with slight modifications to make them safe for mixing and charging bulk blasting agents.

Drilling diarneter 26 DP24 DTable Emulsions or slumes have a high ET value and should be applied in hard massive rocks and in those situations where displacement is not an important factor, such as in VCR blasting, where the pieces of rock fall from the effects of gravity. These devices have two inches of flexible hose with a rigid tube on one end, upon which an inflatable rubber bladder is mounted and inflated by pressurized air, Fig.

This method is only applicable in chimneys made of brick. This is canied out with light equipment that is hand held by the drillers.

Drilling and blasting

If the burden is excessive, the explosion gases find too much resistance to rdilling fracture and displace the rock and part of the energy becomes seismic and intensifies the vibrations. Room and pillar mining. When the gelling ocurrs too rapidly, purnping difficulties appear, blasitng if the gelling time is too long the s1un-y can become diluted or even dissolved before its viscosity permits it to resist the effect of the water present in the blastholes.


Correlation between the seisrnic velocity and the powder factor. With growing use in surface operations using rotary rigs with rolling tricone rock bits, this method has been limited to soft rocks, usually with small to medium diameters, clearly competing with direct breakage Systems.

The Geomining Technological Institute of Spain ITCEaware of this progress and of the importance which the breakage process has acquired in mining and civil engineering projects, has ordered the publication of Drilling and Blasting of Rocks.

Drilling and Blasting of Rocks – CRC Press Book

The advantages of this alternative system are: If rdilling gassing is insufficient, a density in the botton of the column will be produced, reducing the optimum yield of the explosive. The blastholes are drilled in the sustaining walls following the patterns and recommendations of the preceding paragraphs.

During the last few years, there has been a progressive tendency towards trucks having an auger delivery system, owing to the following advantages: Design of blasting rounds. This is due to the fragility of rocks, to the large quantity of local defects and drillimg that exist and to the small cohesion between the particles of which they are constituted. Phases 1 and 2 are done with horizontal drilling and removal of broken rock through the pilot drift.

Calculation of the Powder Factors or Energy Factors frorn. Deviation of blastholes and drilling errors. This method takes less time, is more cost-effective and is being widely used in contour blastings.

Drilling and blasting – Wikipedia

We sincerely hope that this handbook, which brings together practical and theoretical aspects, will be of use to all engineers who work with drilling and blasting as a rock breakage method. These marked changes are produced by the necessity of stabilizing their minerals under the new conditions of temperature, pressure and chemism. The rotary air-lock feeder is composed of a drum blaxting with plastic blades which also keeps the pressured air blastlng of the ANFO bin.


Demolition of a bridge built with prefabricated beams or Spans.

A minimum height dtilling 12 m is recommended, although a lesser height can also be used for cast blasting. It is obvious that in each case, after the tests and analysis of the initial results, it will be necessary to adjust the Patterns and filetyps charges according to the degree of fissurization and structural control glasting by the discontinuities existing in the rock mass. Thus, although water is present in the blastholes, it is more probable that the cartridges will come into contact with the pnmers and, apart from this, the wrappings are usually more water and abrasion resistant, requiring less number of primers than in the previous cases.

Depending upon the pump speed, a 3 meter long blasthole with 41 rnm in diameter can be charged in 6 to 10 seconds. Another thing to take into account is that energy is lost through the sleeves of the rod couplings, due to reflection and fricton which is converted into heat and wear on the drill steel threads.

Now, the drliling edge of the piston flange 8 has uncovered the exhaust port 6 and the air in the back end is exhausted into the atmosphere. Technical fnformation Bauer, A.: Method of operation when blasting for maximum displacement.

Blasthole flushing is carried out with a flow of air, water or foam that drilling injected by pressure to the bottom through an opening in the Center of the drill steel and flushing holes in the dnll bits.

The charging rates vary between 80 and kglmin. It could be through conference attendance, group discussion or directed reading to name just a few examples. Marking of the mineral andihe waste atter a large diameter blast. The injluence of controllable blast parmeters on fragmentation and mining costs.