Many young women may not only want to read this story but need to read it as a way to discuss an often overlooked aspect of teenage dating life. —The Book. Sarah Dessen is the author of thirteen novels, which include the New York Times bestsellers The Moon and More, What Happened to Goodbye, Along for the. Editorial Reviews. Review. Strange, sleepy Rogerson, with his long brown dreads : Dreamland eBook: Sarah Dessen: Kindle Store.

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It made me think about how hard it is to walk away from something you are dreamlland bound up with emotionally I also felt I had to be responsible about the role of marijuana in the story. Ghoulia’s aunt wants her to It goes from absolute terror to absolut This book started slow for me, but I definitely got more into it desseen the story went on. It was as if I was dreaming with Caitlin and then rudely awakened with her, as well.

I didn’t really like him though and I understand why he did the things he did, but I don’t care. They make out in the car, and later become a couple after Caitlin witnesses Rogerson being hit by his father.

Saarh, I found the xreamland that they repackaged all of her books to look like shiny, happy summer reads odd. In this riveting novel, Sarah Dessen searches for understanding and answers through the mind of a young girl who suddenly finds herself in a trap of constant menace, a trap that is baited with love and need. It’s a horrific story-one of those that you can olny read through splayed hands and eyes half-squinted.


Find a passage at the end of the novel that suggests that Dreamland could become a more hopeful idea. And everyone is lost without her. I usually like the best friends in Dessen novels.

Dreamland by Sarah Dessen

Dreamland is an intense, quick read. Thank you Sarah Dessen for not being heavy-handed, and for telling this kind of a story in a new and meaningful way. In away, it’s like them saying, “You are not alone.

Did your editor feel the same way? There deesen an alternate cover edition for this ISBN13 here. What about if she’d seen dreqmland bad boy for what he was all along? Readers beware, this drdamland not a lovey dovey book with sunshine and roses that will make teenage love seem magical. It’s the best book on the subject I have read.

View all 15 comments. Then she meets Rogerson. Why this book makes me rethink my opinion: Couldn’t put it down. Dreamland is her fourth novel for young people.

Sometimes, I felt like I got too into the story and I felt like I was the main character.

In Sarah’s Words

She starts exh “Dreamland” is the first novel I’ve read from Sarah Dessen, and I had high expectations of it due to all the hype my friends go on and on about from her books. It’s not even a “not a romance novel” in the way that Twilight is not a romance novel. She’s talked into joining the cheerleading squad by her best and only friend though she doesn’t want to and after she starts seeing Rogerson, her grades fall and she’s spending most of her time getting high with him and his other friends.


No one got special treatment. Read on for more about Cindy and her book, an excerpt, plus an giveaway!

At first, their relationship is beautiful, if a little unhealthy potheads, not appealing. Things seem to be ok at first, but you see hints of things that just don’t seem right View all 5 comments. It isn’t long before Caitlin gets involved with him. Wake up, Caitlin, Mr Lensing had said. I was worn out, broken: He’s just a selfish, abusive prick, there’s nothing more to this character.

The Key to Everything.

Views Read Edit View history. But his character just goes to show you what NOT to turn to when coping with life’s problems.

It’s like a slow roll to another world and Caitlin doesn’t know how to or even want to really get out of it. I would have loved to know more about Caitlin taking the first steps to heal herself both mentally and emotionally, and how she rebuilt her relationships with the people closest to her, instead of a few lines scribbled in the last few chapters. The reader can feel Caitlin’s lack of direction and disconnection from the world.

I thought at first that things moved a bit slow, but once you get to the meat of the story, you won’t be able to put this down at all.