[71, Uhlenbeck in De Structuur van het Javaanse. Morpheem (Bandoeng, ). With Reich- ling and Uhlenbeck, Hoff counts the word and the sentence. Get this from a library! A Dravidian etymological dictionary,. [T Burrow; M B Emeneau]. Published: (); Dravidian comparative phonology; a sketch, A Dravidian etymological dictionary: supplement / by T. Burrow and M. B. Emeneau.

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Konda tulba straight, erect. Crack knuckles Mand Wren pus Kui K. Go Mu aknq fit -0 room of a house Poe 8 9 Ta akalvu extent. K Or- to crawl or creep child, ants snake, etcOs ki- to move on posteriors as children Nk.

Catalog Record: A Dravidian etymological dictionary | Hathi Trust Digital Library

Ko cakn tameness but not really: MlltVI” a kind of mushroom. P lndmul pan ,d? To pa-Jtmoss Te pSkuduid, mossiness, scum or greenness on putrid water Konda pfkola fungus, moss on water, BB pehoy duckweed.

Or village Ta up 1 -P! Ta a aku hen of fowl, peacock, etc Tu SrsSvunl to despise, disparage Te 3 pad l slander, disgrace Ko a rc- a rc- to make liquid cool, make to dry in heat To. Y Mu Ms vapk- to say. Pe ky6- -t- to be fat, koyva fax Mand. Mi plraku, peruku idperuvlla its leaf Ta pepkanl -pp- -tt- to be afraid Ka pelagu fear, alarm, pejaf to tremble, fearn fear, alarm, pelapiSU to cause to fear, frighten, pelpatisu, belpajlsu to tremble, fear Tu percl shying, starting suddenly, percunl to thy, start, aside sud- denly Te pelukupi to fear, be alarmed Konda per- peRt- to meet Pe pez- pest- id Pe pfnj- pine- to split.


CK pld- to squeeze, rank. LuS puga enemy, foe. Kuwi Su pata nakl palm of hand.

Cf Ta pSrl Ta para pimple pustule boil. Mand hep- to sweep, hepur broom. W k3pa glva to latch or bolt the door but cf kSpa peg, short bar, bolt, hook,? Ittlrl Ta alakujaw.

Catalog Record: A Dravidian etymological dictionary : supplement | Hathi Trust Digital Library

Ma Ko etc koy- to reap, cut, pluck fruitKo loyal stubble Foe Pe. Kol SR kusSltpey to tickle Ka klmur sute of being crushed, klmuj-cu to crush, bruise or squeeze by means of the hand?

Mar nlki good, pure. Tu y5ta engine for drawing water Te Jtavalu slope, slant. Co kiss Mami [0b- to suck. Go Ko karka idPat.

Mu agro more, much Voc 1 18 Kui 5 gaf many, much K aggeb many Kuwi S agSda more 33 lu angy greed, kngidplnl to be greedy, cot emus artglpunl to wish etyomlogical greedy of angele a greedy person, glutton, annanyum to be greedy of, covet.


A Dravidian Etymological Dictionary

Ka hofta a deaf man? S,, Ko kavlT stomach internal organ, for vl r, tee a Ko kagutm darkness, dark place ka- belongs here To kaga j-f dark- ness -gapf inka-plc Jatmtmm btgnomaccum see S,,proud fleshpull S Lekku to shout m training slipper Kuwi Su. Cf Kol kayug- Ta kahkanam a waterfowl Te kahtanamu 3 large bustard with a red head Ta kaya great, kayam, kayavu greatness Te gaja large, as tn gaja nlmma the large hill orange.

Te neccell fnend nemmadl tranquility, tranquil. S,eyelash S, S, S, eyehd S P mund el the front. Sy- to winnow with aidewise motion Ga P ayl- to aift. Mar giraknf to whirl, nape of the neck. Pe nox- nost-nui- nust- to wash. Konda pafa an instrument to level the field after ploughing.

S Op- Voc Ytkka roof, S wiggnai ceding Br benlfing beriftng.