tolak RUU ORMAS! tidak menjawab persoalan kita bersama. bukti bahwa negara gagal CABUT UU N0 8/ TTG ORMAS. Mar 09, , the Hungarian Rectors’ Conference was presented a draft decree from the Ministry of . LAPORAN SINGKAT PANJA RUU PILKADA KOMISI II DPR RI LAPORAN Share. Draft RUU Ormas Terbaru 5 Des pdf – Elsam · .id. ‘RUU Ormas Disahkan Lewat Voting’ (The Civil Society Bill is officially (Cancel the Civil Society Draft Bill), , 10 June

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In practice, the Ministry of Home Affairs also includes foundations within the definition of societal organizations. Inthe Ministry of Home Affairs started to prepare a draft bill to revise the Law. The bill, however, was never discussed by the Parliament.

The discussion of the Bill on Associations will surely overlap with the discussion of the Bill on Societal Organization since both Bills relate to membership-based organizations. The Ministry stated that it had changed its perspective and also admitted that the Law on Societal Organizations is no longer suitable for a democratic era.

This article will describe the legal framework relating to societal organizations, the context of the revision process, and how it will affect tuu freedom of association in Indonesia. In the heart of the Mecsek hills a company with a mysterious background plans to open a uranium mine: It is not easy to understand the timeline of the establishment process provided in the Law on Foundations, but oras following attempts to outline the process more clearly:.

The government may ogmas revoking the suspension if the organization ru its illegal activities, admits its wrongdoing, or replaces its administrator. No later than 10 days from the signing of the Deed of Establishment. Each of these topics was intensely debated. CSOs could also request a hearing with each political faction to discuss the Bill. Data from the Ministry of Law and Human Rights reveals the existence of 21, registered foundations and incorporated associations. Dear parents, teachers, contemporary and future students as well as alumni of our school, everybody concerned, referring to the decree Discussion in Parliament began on June 23,and continued until May 25, At least 40 peaceful protesters have been killed according to Amnesty international; however, local reporters state that the death to In addition, the importance of political stability was emphasized by President Soeharto in his State Address on August 16, The government, based on Article 15, can dissolve organizations that violate this requirement.


The relevant institution must respond to the request within 14 days after such request from the Ministry is received. Petition ad Promote here Home Health Plan for All It is the duty and responsibility of our government to provide each tax paying citizen a solution for better health and dravt.

It seems to amount to a kind of special status, though it is accompanied by no benefits. Approval from the Minister, giving the legal entity status to the Foundation.

The draft Bill consists of 19 chapters, with a total of 54 Articles. The definition embraces all types of organizations, whether with or without legal entity status, including foundations and associations.

This broad definition of societal organization will later become problematic in the implementation of the law. Abdul Maliq Harmain, mentioned the date of July 12,as the new time frame for the discussion of the Bill in the Plenary Session. Contact the author of the petition.


The Uru must respond approval or rejection to the applicant within 14 days after consideration from the relevant institution is received.

All time 24 hours 7 days 30 days Last deaft This year The liberties of association and assembly, the freedom of thought expressed verbally or in writing, and similar rights are to be determined by law. The organization and the public will be informed of the suspension. If there is no response from the organization within one month, the government must summon the administrator.

It is not a draft revision as planned in the National Legislation Program, but rather a new law which will revoke the existing law.

The possibility that government may act to dissolve organizations directly poses a substantial threat to the freedom of association in Indonesia. However, it may not be realistic to expect the Committee to withdraw the Bill, since the Bill is already being discussed special committee established, budget allocated, etc.

The draft Bill also regulates the foreign societal organization, which is defined as a nonprofit organization that is established by foreigners as a foreign legal entity and that conducts activity in Indonesia. We will advertise this petition to people. Negara ingin mengatur seluruh kehidupan warga negara hingga ke ruang-ruang privatnya.

The truthfullness of his story has been confirmed by such famous human rights defending organisation, which are trusted on the international level, as Although the foundation and association may undergo registration as a societal organization simultaneously in the process of seeking the underlying legal entity status, the meaning of having the status of a societal organization is unclear.


In the Indonesian National Legislation Program forat least five bills are closely related to the legal environment for civil society in Indonesia. The government then will promote settlement through the mechanism of mediation and conciliation.

Announcements – PETISI TOLAK RUU ORMAS | Petitionscom

This section provides two phases of strategic recommendations: Mecsek hills are in danger: In fact, the Criminal Code of Indonesia is more than sufficient to support law enforcement and to respond to violent activities.

Dublin, who were inflicted with physical injuries to the head, as well as other repossessions throughout the Ireland, we invite you to sign this petition to send a clear message to the director and all the agents of KBC Bank Ireland plc that Irish Sovereign people do not and will never The Law on Societal Organizations should be revoked, not revised.

In the closing speech of the First Session of House of Representativesthe House Speaker Marzuki Ali said that the Bill on Societal Organization is one of 29 priority bills that will have an extended period of discussion. The recommendations are 1 to raise awareness among CSOs of the Bill on Societal Organizations and its implications throughout the CSO sector in Indonesia; and 2 to empower CSOs to participate omras the Parliamentary process, through access to effective advocacy materials, comparative expertise, etc.

In this case, the government will first give a written warning. Indonesia needs a more enabling legal framework to strengthen the CSO sector. The Ministry of Law could run a program to help CSOs in the regions comply with the laws governing foundations and associations.

Regarding ordinary associations, the Staatsblad states that such associations cannot conduct activities as a legal entity legal person. In practice, the honorarium amounts to approximately 3—5 million IDR. The number of CSOs has increased from 3, into 8, inand 13, in Registration of a Foundation, where input from relevant government institution is needed: All established legal entities shall be, even as private individuals, authorized to perform civil acts, without prejudice to the public ordinances, in which such authority may be amended, restricted or rendered subject to certain formalities.