PDF | Dioscorea deltoidea is belongs to family Dioscoreaceae which produce rhizomes or bulbils, having rich medicinal and economic value. Dioscorea deltoidea is a perennial climbing plant, producing vigorous annual stems from a large underground tuber. The stems scramble over the ground and . Tubers ligneous, irregular. Stems glabrous, twining clockwise. Leaves alternate, simple, cm long, cm broad, ovate or subdeltoid-ovate, often.

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Knuth Dioscorea liebmannii Uline Dioscorea lijiangensis C. Dioscorea argyrogyna Uline ex R.

When excess minerals are present in the soil, the soil is said to be saline, and plant growth may be restricted if these minerals reach levels that limit water availability, or exceed the adequate zone for a particular nutrient. Dioscorea microcephala Uline Dioscorea microura R. Where water must cross the membranes, it is the sum of osmotic and hydrostatic potentials, i. PhD thesis KU Leuven. Kashmir has a long history of utilization of herbal drugs.

Tilman D, Lehman C Human-caused feltoidea change: Chang Dioscorea fandra H. Thapyai Dioscorea oreodoxa B. The process of cell expansion involves cell wall relaxation, followed by the osmotic transport of water into the cell to maintain turgor pressure, and cell wall synthesis to maintain wall thickness.

Knuth Dioscorea haenkeana C.

Klotzsch ex Kunth Dioscorea glandulosa var. To leave a comment please Register or login here All comments need to be approved so will not appear immediately.

Dioscorea dendrotricha Uline Dioscorea densiflora Hemsl. A comprehensive listing of Latin names with a brief list of edible parts. Knuth Dioscorea stellaris R. This QR Code is unique to this page. However, the description lacked a Latin diagnosis, so the name is invalid.


Funct Plant Biol Plants For A Future can not take any responsibility for any adverse effects from the use of plants. The growthpromoting effects of BRs Brassinosteroids were originally discovered as growth-promoting substances isolated from pollen are reflected in acceleration of both cell elongation and cell division, although the major effect is on cell expansion. Stohs SJ The metabolism of progesterone by plant microsomes. Knuth Dioscorea tauriglossum R. If you have important information about this plant that may help other users please add a comment or link below.

In vitro Antimicrobial Activity of Garhwal Himalaya Medicinal Plant Dioscorea deltoidea Tuber

Because both solutes and water are involved, factors affecting the movement of either type of molecule will alter the growth of the cells [ 29 ]. Some caution is advised. Tubercles dioacorea tubers are formed in the leaf axils.

Perrier Dioscorea decipiens Hook. Examples, such as decreasing growth with cold [ 31 ], auxin deprivation [ 32 ] or cell maturation [ 33 ] cause turgor to increase, when the growth-sustaining gradients decrease [ 29 ].

Knuth Dioscorea cyanisticta J.

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Wikimedia Commons has media related to Dioscorea. Rhizome horizontal, ginger-shaped, 1. Stem twining to left, drying light brown to purplish brown, grooved. Knuth Dioscorea floribunda M. Knuth Dioscorea dugesii C. Perrier Dioscorea bemarivensis Jum. Since the plants twine around the support, the measurements were taken directly lengthwise, assuming the twining to be constant around the iron rod and lesser in magnitude to affect the measurements.


Each of the three dominant phases in the life cycle of plants establishment, growth and reproduction seed-set has an impact on demographic stochasticity of the population. The presence alone of auxin is not sufficient; a polarized flow of auxin through the developing tissues is also necessary.

Morton Dioscorea leptobotrys Uline ex R. Prefers a rich light soil[1]. The sensitivity of plants to light provides them with the sense of vision, although a very different kind of vision than that provided by the eyes of humans and animals [ 28 ]. Kashmir to Nepal m ; Afghanistan.

Volume 1, Issue 4

Dioscorwa very light with papery aril. An on-line version is also available. Knuth Dioscorea sellowiana Uline ex R. They should be potted up immediately in individual pots in a greenhouse or cold frame. Clayton Dioscorea schwackei Uline ex R. Publisher Collins Year ISBN Description A nice little book about plants for growing against walls and a small section on plants that can grow in walls.

Dioscorea batatas Decne Dioscorea pomeroonensis R. It is also used to alleviate constipation[]. Several species, known as yamsare important agricultural crops in tropical regions, grown for their large tubers.

The vast majority of the species are tropical, with only a few species extending into temperate climates. Eastern and Central N. Knuth Dioscorea tomentosa J. The plants were provided the support of the 6 mm iron rods.