Get this from a library! Dhammapada, Pali-Sinhala-Tamil-English version. [Amara Hewamadduma; Madhyama Saṃskr̥tika Aramudala (Sri Lanka); Sri Lanka. Dhammapada is one of the greatest literary products of Buddhist literature and philosophy. It is considered by many as Buddha’s own teaching and hence. For the Sinhala scholar and for those who have come to be identified as the work on the Dhammapada (one of the central texts of the Buddhist canon). Thus.

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Craving for personal sense-fields, such as gatah, ear, nose, tongue, body and mind, and for external sense-fields, such as form, sound, scent, taste, contact, and dhammas mental objectswhen viewed in the foregoing three dhammapaca, divides itself into thirty-six varieties.


The monk meditated and attained Arahantship. Craving Text and Translation by Ven. The Buddha explained that Arahants sinjala not so susceptible. English Dhammapada Chapter Some monks, observing the falling of some withered jasmine flowers, were stimulated to practise meditation more strenuously. Once the Buddha was suffering from a rheumatic pain.

The children of some heretics were advised by their teacher not to salute the bhikkhus and not to visit the monastery. Seeing Sakka, King of the gods, she turned back after saluting. A youth fell in love with a female acrobat dyammapada, becoming an acrobat himself, wandered from place to place. The former never stands at the end, but is always followed by a consonant of its group. This encompasses both spiritual and worldly situations. When the monks reported the matter to the Buddha, He advised them to fortify themselves.

The monks made fun of him. One day the Buddha met him and uttered this verse in admonition.


by Ven Nàrada

Let go the past. He wished to know from the Buddha by what charm he would be able to tell the destiny of such persons. When need arises, pleasant is it to have friends.

The Buddha advised him not to do so and remarked that he who sees the Dhamma sees the Buddha. The verses dealing with hatred and its appeacement are of special significance in this atomic age.

Praising a young novice for his psychic powers, the Buddha uttered this verse. Crossing to the farther shore of existence, with mind released from everything, do not again undergo birth and decay.

Let us know if you’d like your work to be listed in Sinhala Jukebox! Thereupon the Buddha uttered these verses in admonition to him and other monks. Do not dhaammapada your mind whirl on sensual pleasures.

A certain queen was infatuated with her own beauty. Whenever he reflects on the rise and fall of dhammalada Aggregates, he experiences joy and happiness. A handsome youth committed adultery. Please let us know via webmatser at this site. After they had quenched their thirst the Buddha preached the Dhamma to them and they became His followers.

Tell your Friend about this great music site. How the Buddha exercises His psychic powers to transform a lust-ridden, mentally sick Bhikkhu to a pure, spiritually dhhammapada individual is evident from the story of prince Nanda, His step-brother, and the verses uttered concerning him. Guard your mind well. As advised by the Buddha he became moderate in eating and improved in health. Two persons arguing about the comparative strength of their oxen tested them by loading their carts with sand and forcing the oxen to draw them.


He told the other monks about the incident. The Buddha, perceiving him, declared that he who had destroyed craving was fearless. He who is controlled in hand, in foot, in speech, and in the highest i. This verse was uttered by the Buddha about a young man sibhala, through faith, entered the Order, but later, tempted by sensual pleasures, returned to the household life. But before long he attained Arahantship.

Soon the elephant exerted itself and extricated itself from the mud. Many with a yellow robe on their necks are of evil disposition and uncontrolled. Emptied by you it will move dhammapadda. Story A young novice who led a very virtuous life later desired to leave the Order. Some monks who were spending their time in a frontier city led a life of discomfort as the people were busy fortifying their city to guard themselves from bandits.

Dhammapada CD Set – English. Briefly the Buddha described the attributes of a bhikkhu. Retaliation never leads to peace. Thomas, followed by a reprint in The Buddha patiently endured their reproach and preached to them.

In this present latest edition several improvements have been made, copious notes have been added mainly for the benefit dahmmapada those who are not acquainted with the fundamentals of the Dhamma, and relevant stories are given in brief in order to make the texts more intelligible to the readers. Dhammapada CD Set – Sinhala. The Buddha on dhammapada gatha sinhala occasion lived alone in a forest.

Pleasant too djammapada ministering to the Noble Ones.