Desecration: Antichrist takes the Throne is the ninth book in the Left Behind series written by Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins and published in As part of. The novel “Desecration: Antichrist Takes the Throne” is the ninth book in the Left Behind series. The series tells a fictionalized story of the final days of the earth. Desecration has ratings and reviews. Desecration: Antichrist Takes the Throne .. He had one small scene in the entire book devoted to Antichrist riding a pig into the temple, splashing a little pig Temple Mount where Carpathia followers are set to worship Carpathia’s image and take the mark of the beast.

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Secondly, they hav I know that the Left Behind series is controversial among Christians and non-Christians alike, but I appreciate it for what it is. George is captured and taken away. Soon Operation Eagle gets underway as Israeli and Jewish refugees flee on helicopter and on bus to Petra.

Desecration (novel) – Wikipedia

The authors attempt to present him as twisted and evil incarnate, but the presentation still seems to fall short of how evil and depraved this now-demonic being must be. This study guide contains the following sections: This tthrone in thw series is rather heavy handed with it’s gospel, at times preaching the Word for pages at a time where it could have easily been more succinct. She kills all three believers and then captures George and holds him hostage along with a few other agents.

It just felt like something was missing, is all, and that “something” really took away from the book. This series is interesting as fiction goes, but they should not antichris taken as a literal interpretation of the Bible or prophesied events. He’s in control in these series – as He is in our Possibly the best one so far. In either case, his name was “Anis”, which I thought was a pretty crappy name for an angel.


Being from a christian home life growing up and as well as my husband and family this was a no brainier. The best, and only, argument that I can see for such behavior from such an ancient Satanic character would be his impatience being finally r These books are great, except for the fact that Carpathia is portrayed as an immature sociopath. Three Tribulation Force members are killed in an ambush during a rescue mission gone wrong in Greece.

So, that means it was the next book that killed the series for me, so it will be interesting to work my way through it this time.

You can feel things headed to the climax of Christ’s return. Another explosive addition to the series! Using Michael like they did instead of Gabriel made no sense whatsoever.

Chloe ventures desecfation and becomes mo Chang Anttichrist is becoming a valuable asset to the work of the Tribulation Force. Aug 06, Christine rated it it was ok Shelves: I agree with a lot of the other reviews. View all 3 comments. Chaim was always a somewhat importan Book nine of the Left Behind series was a good one.

I would highly recommend this series to others especially for the times in which we live. View a FREE sample. Perhaps this is how Tim Lahaye really viewed the Antichrist? I think I liked it better this time around, but it still felt like it was lacking something.


The only reason I am still reading this series is that I want to know who lives and dies. Themes discussed in the novel include faith as well as the fulfillment of Biblical prophecy.

On to book 10! It takes place 42—43 months into the Tribulation and 25 days to a month into the Great Tribulation. Buck Williams and Chaim Rosenzweig prepare for the elderly Jew ‘s confrontation with Carpathia at the Temple Mount when Hattie Durham boldly confronts both Carpathia and Leon Fortunato in public, calling them “liars” and “blasphemers”.


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. In Greece, Lukas Miklos tries to help two teenagers who have escaped from a holding facility for Global Community criminals and dissidents flee to safety with the Tribulation Force members in Chicago. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. The book ends with Nicolae hysterical as he believes he is about to wipe out one million believers, Rayford Steele and Tsion Ben-Judah among them.

So much learning all while reading a very compelling story! Meanwhile, Chloe is still the brains behind the co-op. I am tearing through this series.

The 9th book in the Left Behind Series. He a very kind man so I can’t imagine him taking on the evil of Carpathia. I am going to stop trying to explain it; I just do not think the Antichrist would act or behave how he is presented in the book [well, not every time he is presented in the book]. Open Preview See a Problem? These voices are NOT theirs.

Jenkins and published in The other is that, for some reason, his name reminded me of “Anubis. Chapters 2 and 3.

I do not know, but enough for now. Chaim Rozensweig turned into a modern-day Moses, who, calling himself Micah, and along with Buck Williams, confronts Nicolae and leads the faithful to refuge. Definitely think this is one of the most action filled book in the series.