Br J Health Psychol. May;10(Pt 2) The DAS a short form of the Derriford Appearance Scale DAS59 to measure individual responses to living. The Derriford Appearance Scale (DAS) is QoL measure developed for assessing concern about physical appearance. This is a standardized, psychometrically. To measure the spectrum of psychological distress and dysfunction that is characteristic of disfigurements, deformities and aesthetic problems of appearance To.

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The general population data revealed widespread concerns about appearance.

DAS59 – Derriford Appearance Scale

Serriford from being unable to answer the front door. A short form of the Derriford Appearance Scale DAS59 to measure individual responses to living with problems of appearance. National Center for Biotechnology InformationU. Total scores for this CLP group xppearance greater concern about appearance than the general population.

The authors have no financial disclosures or conflicts of interest to declare. Twenty consecutive patients presented for secondary cleft rhinoplasty surgery between May and May appearancs The science behind quality-of-life measurement: Richman LC, Eliason M. The DAS59 thus generates a full-scale score and five factorial sub-scale scores. Twenty-five items were selected initially from the 59 items of the original DAS The demands it places on health care systems worldwide calls for a clinically meaningful, condition-specific derrifird for more accurate assessment of outcomes after surgical intervention.

The specific aims were twofold: A new psychometric scale for the evaluation of patients with disfigurements and aesthetic problems of appearance. Table 3 shows the mean values pre- and postoperatively at the item level.

Use in medical product development to support labeling claims.


The DAS measures the underlying construct of adjustment to problems in appearance. Measuring outcomes in aesthetic surgery: Test-retest reliability 6 months was good 0.

The Derriford Appearance Scale 59 DAS is currently the only available validated patient-reported outcome measure that assesses concern about physical appearance. Methods of assessing health-related quality of life and outcome for plastic surgery.

Current approaches and future directions. This outcome assessment may include photographic analysis, anatomical measurements and complications.

Many PRO instruments have been used in plastic surgery; however, for a PRO instrument to be scientifically sound it should assess the impact of surgical intervention in a clinically meaningful manner 7.

Reliability of a multidimensional questionnaire for adults with treated complete cleft lip and palate. The method of evaluation of the outcomes of this surgery, with significant aesthetic goals, deserves consideration. The difficulties relate to dissatisfaction with facial appearance, lower levels of self-esteem, and experiences of discrimination in employment and social settings To standardize the DAS, authors placed the scores of the clinical population in context with scores of others in comparable populations consisting of the general population who are concerned, and who are not concerned, about appearance.

Assessing the perspective of a patient with CLP in relation to function, aesthetics and psychosocial well-being should be paramount in measuring surgical outcomes. In clinical practice, given the lack of a PRO instrument for patients with CLP, generic instruments, or non-disease-specific tools such as the Pediatric Quality of Life Inventory and Child Health Questionnaire have been used as a substitute 10 Potential range of the FS is 0 to Open in a separate window.

Derriford Appearance Scale – Short form (DAS24)

Distress from being unable to wear favorite clothes. Objective measures by a physician may not reflect patient perception of surgical success. A primer for plastic surgeons.


In addition, a total score full scale [FS] can be obtained by summing items. Because the DAS is a generic tool that was designed with all types of cosmetic surgery patients in mind and, therefore, not developed specifically for the cleft population, change at the item level was examined to identify content that is relevant to the cleft population.

Please review our privacy policy. Patient-based measures of outcome in plastic surgery: The original DAS uses 59 items and is suited for detailed clinical investigation or assessment of the individual 12 Food and Drug Administration.

Derriford Appearance Scale (DAS59)

DAS measures were administered both preoperatively and at least six months after surgery. Participants with missing values in postoperative scores were excluded from the analysis.

Item-by-item analysis showed a significant reduction in score in only 11 of 59 items Table 4. Distress from being unable to change hairstyle. We found that compared with normative data, cleft patients in our study generally had higher DAS scores than the general population, suggesting greater concern with appearance generally in this group.

Psychological profile of Chinese with cleft lip and palate deformities. Cross-sectional survey designs using clinical out-patient and in-patient and general population samples. Table 3 Item analysis. The DAS59 has been designed and developed derrigord meet the need for an objective measure of the spectrum of psychological distress and dysfunction that is characteristic of disfigurements, deformities and aesthetic problems of appearance.

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