DECRETO 4369 DE 2006 PDF

Trabajo Asociado, Decreto Número de , as published in Diario Oficial no. 46, .. See also Decreto de , Article Check out my latest presentation built on , where anyone can create & share professional presentations, websites and photo albums in minutes. Decreto , de 4 de Deciembre de (Ag Document). Added on: Thu, 10/ 03/ – Subscribe to Resources belonging to category “seasonal labour .

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Made under the Minimum Wages Act. Article 7 amends article 32 by supplementing the wording of the 3rd phrase and by deleting the 4th phrase. Amends article 28, paragraph b of the Law on Public Educational Service by adding: Refers to the conditions of promotion of police officers, as well as to the functioning of the Evaluation Committee. Stipulates that a factory worker may deceeto for retirement at 55 years of age voluntary retirement and must retire at 60 mandatory retirement.

Article 3 inserts special provisions decteto the implementation of specific provisions of the Law and temporarily introducing others relating to the filling of vacancies to be exempted from the suspension of filling. Article 6 regulates the Registry Panels. Article 2 of the Law provides for the definition of the following terms: Article 2 provides for the definition of the following terms: Article 4 lists the exceptions to the prohibition of filling of vacancies.

Decretl Section 2 of the basic Act. Article 3 amends the wording of the 4th phrase of article 28A. Uniform and insignia Article 5: As a general rule, every 24 hours a driver is entitled to a minimum of 11 continuous hours of rest.

Article 4 introduces new article 39A providing for a special provision regarding the placement, transfer and displacement of educational functionaries. Categories of motorised vehicless for public use are as follows: The school assistant is responsible for keeping the nursery neat and clean, surveying the safety of the children during the regular opening hours of the school or whenever it is needed, carrying out other duties determined in the plan of charges of the school assistant.


Empresa de servicios temporales by jessica zarama on Prezi

Places upon civil servants the obligation to report any incident of corruption or bribery in the civil service of which they have knowledge. At the end of this extraordinary employment period, such a person’s employment shall be terminated and they shall have no right to claim any compensation.

Article 3 lays down the freedom of expression of political convictions. Amends the following articles of Law 16 of as amended up to Law I of Finalmente, establece las condiciones formales para el nombramiento de los empleos temporales.

Adds new article 5 concerning periodical contributions. Article 6 amends article 11, by amending the 1st phrase with regard to the reference to the pertinent Indexes of the Law, according to the age limit of the obligatory termination of service; by supplementing the 4th phrase, to include the employee who voluntarily relinquishes early or retires from the service, and by deleting phrases 2 and 3.

Recruitment of employees under fixed-term contracts Article 8: Provides for other procedural matters.

Article 5 fixes the amount of the periodical contributions. This act increases the retirement pension of civil servants who retired before January 1, Provides for the suspension of the filling of vacant posts in the public service.

Act No 97 I of to amend and consolidate Acts related to retirement pensions Ch.

Procedure of identifying needs for the recruitment of fixed term workers Article 4: Provisional Regulations on the dismissal of workers and employees who have violated rules of labour discipline in state-run enterprises, issued by the State Council.

Determines the criteria, conditions of candidature, eventual objections, conditions of written examination and procedures of selection. Amends regulations 2, 5, 17 and 18 and Schedule of the principal Regulations cap. Act No I of to regulate hours of work and rest periods of drivers and other relevant matters.

Procedure of drafting a list of fixed term workers Article 5: Provides that persons employed in the public service or pubic education service whose appointment in a permanent post have been or are in the process of being cancelled by the Supreme Court can be employed as extraordinary staff in their respective service until the end of the procedure.


Act No I of concerning the Civil Aviation. Provides for the organisation of the Civil Aviation of Cyprus and in particular the qualifications of the personnel and the social protection for all Civil Aviation employees.

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Amends article 13 of the Law concerning social security issues of police officers, as well as article 19 concerning the replacements of police officers. Also stipulates that priority is to be given to those possessing the Educational Institute’s certificate when deciding amongst candidates invited to serve under contract during the school year Articles 2 and 3 of 43669 present Law amend the wording of article 3, 1st phrase and of article 5, by extending the time set in the respective provisions “” until ” and ” and “”, respectively.

Duties and obligations of employees under fixed-term and open-ended contracts Article Complaints and reception of depositions Article 8: From 1 Januarywages are to be increased by another 2 per cent and the minimum raise is 44 pounds per year. If the procedure for eecreto the vacancies by evaluating the candidates with a written examination has started before the entry into force of the present Act, it shall continue and be concluded in accordance with this Act. Article 5 amends article 16 by adding new paragraph g worded as follows: Concerns the first assignment.

Establishes the Council in order to promote safer and healthier working conditions and to encourage and facilitate co-operation and communication between the Government, employers, employees and relevant professional and academic bodies.