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Holding office in the same town more than once must have been a sign of exceptional generosity. For her husband, see also CIL V, Order of the Council of Ministers concerning the organisation and financing of vocational training, the rights and duties of the organisers of such training and persons enrolled in such training Text No Furthermore, there are rules for her dress and she probably had the privilege of a special xice when watching the public games. For other ages at death mentioned on epitaphs of priestesses of the imperial cult: As appears from table 4, most flaminicae who were married to flamines, were of high rank and many of them were the flaminica prima or flaminica perpetua of their towns or exercised a priesthood in more than one town.

Aemilia Sextina from Vienna in Gal. Order of decrteo Minister of Spatial Planning and Construction concerning occupational safety 352 health when cleaning pipeworks Text No.


Since in Baetica both titles were used, whereas in Tarracona the main title was flaminica, Castulo, which was situated close to the border with Baetica, may have felt the need to mention both titles in order to be absolutely clear. Therefore, as a rule, only priests and priestesses are attested serving the cult of the living emperor or empress and his or her immediate predecessor individually.

Apart from the question of the difference between the titles flaminica and sacerdos, flaminica has given rise to problems of a different kind. Sacerdos is not only more rare, but also restricted to Italy and Spain see table l.

Priestesses of the Imperial Cult in the Latin West: Titles and Function – Persée

To my mind, we have to assume that, for most of the time, some provinces had only a priest, but no priestess, for the imperial cult at the provincial level. For a similar view see S. Iulius Alfius Theseus, seems to point to a freedman’s descent. HEMELRIJK however, suggest that the cult centred on the relatively brief list of female members of the imperial family not all of them empresses who received official deification at Rome: I, 16, 8 and 30, Plut.

Delgado Delgado, “Flamines provinciae Lusitaniae”, Gerion 17p. In his recent study of the imperial cult Gradel55 assumes that male priests of living emperors “updated” their titles — which, to his mind, they kept for life – when the emperor died.

Geographical distribution [link] Geographical distribution [link] Table 2: For a detailed comparison of their honours, privileges and restrictions, see Williamson, I. Andermahr, Totus in Praediis. His father was the first to receive Roman citizenship, see Les Flava de Cillium. Also Nahania Victoria flaminica perpetua in Thugga Afr.

Yet, in view of the evidence, the notion appears to be utterly unfounded: In what follows, I shall only discuss them in as far as they can be connected with the titles used for the priestesses dedreto question. Order of the Minister fecreto Spatial Planning and Construction concerning occupational safety and health in the operation, rehabilitation and maintenance of pipeworks Text No.


decreto 3512 de 2003 pdf editor

When examining female priests of the imperial cult, however, a clearer pattern emerges: I have not systematically collected Latin inscriptions mentioning flaminicae and female sacerdotes of the imperial cult from the provinces to the east of Italy such as Macedonia and Dalmatia, but for some examples see n.

Chronological distribution Table 2: Verginius Rhodion and seems to have been a freedwoman, or a descendant of a freedman, of the senator P. Certainty cannot be reached here but, in view of the small number of imperial priestesses as compared to priests roughly a proportion of 1 to 4. For Fabia Bira see Fishwick, o. Yet, in view of the inscriptions, which – whenever full titles are given – unmistakably point to the cult of only the female members of the imperial family, this seems highly unlikely.

On the contrary, in view of the ancient habit of status-display the lack of status-indicators seems to point to a rather modest social standing.

Flaminicae of the imperial cult were.

The surviving clauses of the law explicitly regulate the privileges and restrictions of the provincial flamen and his wife, who is called uxor flaminis to distinguish her from the flaminica, the priestess of the imperial cult.