There are two major objectives for this reference. One is to recommend practices that should be followed by clubs wishing to use DCC operations in conjunction. layouts. This manual gives many ideas, but in general remember that there .. layouts are now powered with. DCC. For very large NTRAK layouts with multi . In , NTRAK adopted a “Recommended Practice” (RP) for track wiring on mod-. The wiring practices described are based on Best Practices which have been demonstrated to work, both in a home layout and large modular layouts.

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It is a bipolar DC signal, thus track polarity remains an important issue, just as it is with DC. The same committee was asked to work on an acceptable method for supplying VAC that complies with code because we were already available. Which one is really your choice. When the discussion on Yahoo Ntrak groups was shut down we were getting to what appears to be a movement to cleave Ntrak into two groups called “Ntrak Classic” and “Ntrak 2.

Note that most systems alyouts the Command Station with one Booster, although most manufacturers also offer standalone Boosters. This is extremely important, especially for modules rpactices have not been in a Show with digital operations.

Careful attention must be paid to these modules when using DCC. The fact that DCC involves electronics and computer chips tends to intimidate many folks who are not electrical engineers. Unlike the change in wire though, this change would benefit everybody. Continue testing and adjusting until the coin test produces a shutdown condition. Another advantage is that the module can be turned on its side or upside down, making working on it much easier. For full operations this may even entail dedicated operators e.

Since your are running trains rather than the track, multiple trains can be run at the same time, even on the same track. These are the minimum requirements for all modules.


Disable Address 00 analog stretching for conventional locomotives.

A sectional layout is built in prsctices similar manner but each unit is constructed to fit in a specific spot in the overall layout and will not fit in any other place. Yeah, you passed but nothing to be proud of.

NTRAK Standards and Recommended Practices | NRMRC

Scales larger than 0 should use suitable larger side panels according to the weight they are expected to rpactices. In any event, like it or not, what was previously a recommended practice is now the law.

Also check modules with crossover tracks from one NTRAK dccc to another to be sure both rails are gapped and both tracks are completely isolated. Roll a car back and forth and the gunk will come off. The module can be brought to another part of the house where the rest of the family is, or taken outside when a messy job needs to be done. Analog operation is accomplished by stretching pulses to simulate a variable voltage power pack.

I guess you just have to have more boosters and not try to run excessively long stretches for each booster. Many Rcommended Stations and Boosters do not come with power supplies.

Rules for DCC Design and Operation of NTRAK Layouts

This clears the internal memory of the Command Station of things like consists that may be left over from a previous show or operating session.

Are you saying it would be better to use a smaller wire than the 12 gauge as specified? So much power was lost in the wiring that only a couple of locomotives could run at any one time in the power district. You want to share this hobby and display your work with the public to encourage new modelers and promote model railroading. You may be surprised just how many volts a DC power pack can put out at no load, especially older ones. Multiple ntrao can be operated close together without regard to switching track power.


The Master “reports” to the dc Show Superintendent for the Club. dc

Ntrak wiring standard change

When the phase of the Boosters is set, be sure to return the analog address to speed 00, and dispatch the address from the throttle. Use 16ga lamp cord. This is the immediate impact on most people.

The mega layouts will still need power boosters. Aliasing adds a level of complexity that you don’t really need. Create a “Y” at one end, and solder the Cinch-Jones connectors one male and one female to the ends of the “Y”. This results in inconsistent speed and operation. Left click on the link to open the Summary Sheet or right click then select “Save As” to download the document.

These are not layoust to be voted by the membership except when in a package such as the Module Standards and RPs. The issues were decided by a committe that was, in no way, representative of the whole Ntrak group as rfcommended was heavily DCC oriented and that decision was to require everyone to pay for the benefit of a smaller group. With DC control the speed of the locomotive s is proportional to the voltage on the track.

Tower is clamped to module and skyboard. That got the committee working on alternatives.

Rules for DCC Design and Operation of NTRAK Layouts | NRMRC

There were hard to find. So as long as your club sets up layouts by yourself you refommended continue as you did in the past but if you combine with another club then the new standard will apply. Note that adding more UR91 receivers does not increase the number of DTxxxR throttles that can be handled — this only improves radio reception.