Daniel Pennac Pathetic, contrite and hapless, Benjamin is nonetheless the scapegoat at The Store: there is nothing for which he cannot be. A review and a link to other reviews of The Scapegoat (Au Bonheur des ogres) by Daniel Pennac. Benjamin Malaussäne’s official job title is Quality Controller, but since nobody could possibly control the quality of all the goods in his Parisian.

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More than anything The Scapegoat is about colour and description.

The Scapegoat – Daniel Pennac

Project Gutenberg 0 editions. A great deal is inevitably awkward, but the gist and the freewheeling feel of the novel do shine through.

The Scapegoat by Daniel Pennac.

This worked itself out eventually, but I felt uncomfortable with it in the first half of the book. Recently added by n. He ends up the prime suspect for bombings he has nothing to do with unless being there is reason enough. They all live together in chaotic but generally happy circumstances in Paris’ Belleville district — one noted for a large immigrant population and considered fairly seedy. You must log in to edit Common Knowledge data.

The Scapegoat – UK.

La voce femminile si diffonde dall’altoparlante, leggera e piena di promesse come un daniiel da sposa. April External links: Its plot has enough twists and turns to keep one hooked, and though it’s somewhat surreal and not particularly plausible it doesn’t take itself seriously enough for that to be a problem.

You will never ever forget your first contact with the Malaussene family. From le Petit the penac boy of this rag tag family of misfits to the latest baby named Verdun because she doesn’t just yell she howls like the bombs at the battle of Verdun, to Clara, sweet Clara to Benjamin who heads daaniel family because he isn’t really given the choice and makes due and because it’s in his nature to be the scapegoat for everyone, his family included.


Benjamin Malaussene is a professional scapegoat.

The French title Au bonheur des ogres is, of course, a reference to Zola’s famous department-store novel. He is investigated, and he investigates. CremonesibertelootDomenicani. Become a LibraryThing Author. Semi-intellectual, extremely laid-back, liberal, loving, he is a sympathetic though perhaps too much larger-than-life character. They interact in a wild, provocative, thrilling story in which the Parisian everyday takes on a surreal edge, and begins to spiral out of control.

When bombs start going off in the store, however, it seems he may be scapegoated for that, too Malla-kun Sep 22, Au Bonheur des ogres – Canada. Amazon Kindle 0 editions. No library descriptions found. The Scapegoat pennaf Canada. Trying to meet all your book preview and review needs.

Ho alzato la cornetta del telefono e ho chiamato la Regina Zabo.

The scapegoat – Daniel Pennac – Google Books

Au bonheur des ogres is this sideways holiday fairy tale where being different is something to be celebrated not hidden. Customers come in complaining of nightmarish mishaps regarding their recent purchases, all out for their pound of flesh.

One wonders how well Ian Monk has translated what must clearly have been heavily idiomatic dialect in the original, but perhaps this is comparatively easy for someone who has also translated Georges Perec.


She was born in Brussels and now lives in London. The customers take pity, the Store doesn’t have to replace the goods, and everybody is happy. The complete review ‘s Review:. Account Options Sign in. Perhaps I’ve got a bit of dog in me. One of my all time favourite series of novels starts with this quirky opening bow where amidst all the drama Benjamin finds love without looking for it.

See the other authors section. He works for a large Parisian department store, and every time an grate customer appears. It is a fun idea, and Pennac spins it out nicely.

This first novel featuring the Malaussene family establishes Benjamin’s status as the perfect scapegoat. Paradies der Ungeheuer – Deutschland. I was born on the same day as my first dog. Once again, Malaussene becomes the prime suspect.

The Scapegoat

The mystery part of the book is not its greatest strength. Being French, there are also a whole string of allusions to high-literary crime fiction Carlo Emilio Gadda, Jerome Charyn, etc. In Benjamin’s case, it is.

But then there is a series of bomb explosions in the store, and it starts to th as though Benjamin is going to be the scapegoat for something rather more serious than a defective fridge.