We put the 6″ Aura to the test against the older Wi-Fi Odyssey HD FrontLight to find out which you should buy, the Kobo or the Bookeen. We put the Wi-Fi Bookeen Odyssey HD FrontLight to the test against the Wi-Fi Odyssey to find out which you should buy. : E-Reader Cover Case for Bookeen Cybook Odyssey HD Frontlight Case PHL: Computers & Accessories.

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Bormasina January 21, at Last updated on January 21st, 16 Comments. Andrew January 22, at 9: The device has a dictionary that can be accessed offline. If this is the case, a suitable adapter is included in ovyssey delivery.

As ofit is under the control of Adobe Systems. Super fast delivery Binnen 1 uur en 49 minuten besteld, morgen gratis bezorgd! But an acocunt gives you the options to add addressen, manage newsletter subscriptions and lets you see your past orders.

E Ink electrophoretic ink is a specific proprietary type of electronic paper manufactured by E Ink Corporation, founded in based on research started at the MIT Media Lab. No delivery date known. File formats may be either proprietary or free and may be either unpublished or open.

Bookeen CyBook Odyssey HD FrontLight (6″, Wi-Fi) – eReaders – digitec

The device has a standard memory slot such as an SD or micro SD card slot so that you can either extend the internal storage with affordable memory modules or you can retrieve data, such as photographs, easily from a memory card. An essential accessory for your Bookeen Cybook odyssey hd frontlight if you are planning on using your device in the dark. Ruud V – I thought capacitive layers were not appropriate with e-ink screens until Amazon did it properly.


An account in not mandatory, you can easily checkout as guest. Specifications Key specifications Storage capacity 2 GB Display size 6 ” Screen type E-Ink General information Manufacturer Bookeen Product type eReaders i eReaders An e-book reader, also called an e-book device or e-reader, is a mobile electronic device that frontlught designed primarily for the purpose of reading digital e-books and periodicals.

File:Cybook Odyssey HD FrontLight.jpg

It is currently the smallest memory card available commercially. This universal stylus touch pen cgbook suitable for any capacitive screen capacitive screen is a touch-sensitive screen. Any device that can display text on a screen may act as an e-book reader, but specialised e-book trontlight designs may optimise portability, readability especially in bright sun and battery life for this purpose.

The flexible base is made from rubber and strenghtened internally with metal. The specifications may also include unverified machine translations. No conversions are necessary. What’s your question to the Community? I have been wishing for an eReader with the same processor as, say, the Kindle Fire HD for a long time now. Thank you for reporting translation errors to translations digitecgalaxus. Andrew January 21, at 1: Each PDF file encapsulates a complete description of a fixed-layout flat document, including the text, fonts, graphics, and other ofyssey needed to display it.

Delivery date unknown Zurich: It is derived from SanDisk TransFlash and is used mainly in mobile telephones, but also in handheld GPS devices, portable audio players, video game odhssey and expandable USB flash memory drives. The test reports shown here are provided by an external source. Overview Ratings 2 Questions 0.


The SD stands for Secure Digital. Although, many buyers are not skilled enough to root devices or are scared about invalidating the warranty. Carpe Diem Case Report incorrect data here. You’re not connected to the Internet.

Again, nice device, but no real compelling reason to choose it over any other e-ink reader. It will be shown as soon as it’s known. The 2 most useful ratings. Yes i This product may require a power adapter.

I bought a BeBook reader from Bookeen several years ago. Devices which use cellular technology can connect to mobile networks. Mail delivery Currently unavailable. TIFF originally standing for Tagged Image File Format is a file format for storing images, popular among graphic artists, the publishing industry, and both amateur and professional photographers in general.

Kriens Product is not ready for sale or temporarily not available. When mine was delivered it had already found its way out of the packaging and was rattling around inside. We do not have any information regarding the delivery date. Up to this point, the only people who have heard about the Odyssey are eReader enthusiasts who read blogs like this one. This stylus pen is an essential accessory, if you play the popular game “Draw Something”.

A file format specifies how bits are used to encode information in a digital storage medium.

To what extent does the product meet your expectations? I ordered it from Belgium and it shipped with no proble.