Codex: Adeptus Mechanicus is the most complete guide to the servants of the Machine God we’ve ever released, covering rules as well as. Finally, Skitarii and Cult Mechanicus combined into a single faction! The Omnissiah has .. Onagers and Knights are the only thing in codex with damage charts. The 8th ed Adeptus Mechanicus Codex cometh, and the cybernetic legions bring the inspired word of the Machine God in holy binary.

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Grabbing the Extra Arc claws and Hydralic Fists and put those on and you have electric dudes with melee weapons. A sinister display of absolute, unshakeable faith wielding the most advanced technology in the Imperium – dare you oppose the will of the Omnissiah?

Putting allies in another detachment is fine, though. This usually culminates in this army being generally run as a Castle, stationary or otherwise. Master quickly the art of positioning your troops, try to strike a balance between Skitarii and Kataphrons that works well with the rest of your army and try to guesstimate what any unit can endure; lest your lines crumble to offer your costly heavy guns for the enemy to butcher.

Specialist Detachments are an upcoming type of Detachment that will be added starting in the Vigilus Defiant campaign supplement by use of stratagems that costs CP. This page is in need of cleanup. These Detachments are custom made for specific sub-factions which grant them access to a new key word as well as additional Stratagems, Warlord Traits, and Artifacts. Combined with the discounts to Kataphrons and Kataphron heavy detachments may see a lot more play. Log in and join the community.

This is why we have to take min.

Codex: Cult Mechanicus (7th Edition) – Warhammer 40k – Lexicanum

Use those 3 Elites slots for something worth it like Priests. Another option is to simply try and maximize your Command Points by running two full Battalions. With the recent points drop this is becoming way easier though. Forge World finally decided to hand over the rules for ,echanicus transport so now we’ll have to begin removing organs just like tech-priests to pay for them. So split them in 5 men teams or browse the many ways to sustain codes 10 man squad morale: Community Forum Discord Server.


Swap a unit or two of rangers for some Kataphrons for the added firepower. And as mentioned before electro-priests look like ass.

At the very least, you’ll want one Onager Dunecrawler armed with an Icarus Array to deal with fliers. Feel free mechanifus play with this as you will. Retrieved from ” https: Notably, buying a seperate Dunecrawler is almost as expensive as buying the Start Collecting box, so when you feel like you need a second Dunecrawler, just buy another Start Collecting box.

This page was last modified on 31 Decemberat Personal tools Log in Request account. So you want to start hoarding technology and shooting cancer at people, but where should you start? Because you like Cyborgstechnosorceryand some of the scariest guns in the Imperium. Adeptus Mechanicus are very Command Point hungry, so running at least one Battalion detachment is always worth it, which means you’ll need 2 HQ choices and 3 troop choices.

A grim procession of augmented horrors and soulless automata, they bring not salvation, no message of peace; they are not interested in conversion to their creed. Codices and Rulebooks Sources Adeptus Mechanicus.

Next, you will need to run a minimum of 3 troops. All units are pretty much mandatory when running a strong Adeptus Mechanicus army.

This Detachment gives bonuses xodex your robots as well as all your dominus, engineer, and datasmith. Navigation Main page Recent changes Random page Help.

Warhammer 40,/Tactics/Adeptus Mechanicus(8E) – 1d4chan

Unless you’re taking Graia, you have absolutely no psychic defense. If you want to maximize the impact of this:.

The rest is up to you. Also, the macro stubber can wipe a 5-man termie squad in a single lucky round of shooting, or maybe use the shoot twice for 1cp to rape plague marines and rubrics.

Keep in mind that these are merely suggestions, and are prone to change based on new rules, stratagems, and units.

Mechanicks on your preference, you’ll either be running a combined arms list, or a Heavy Support list. Also plan for their low ld: That means you can declare Shroudpsalm on turn 1 even if your opponent is going first.


AdMech’s cheapest models cost points each and have almost no versatility. Views Read Edit View history. Applies to Dominus, enginseers, servitors, kataphron destroyers and breachers. Kastelan Robots are still derpy Baymaxes.

That’s right, finally merged into one army. One use per canticle, or roll a D6 to get a random one and possibly re-use one. Fortunately, AdMech in 8th Edition is overall a pretty solid army, with counters for almost anything.

What is really good about Canticles now is that you are choosing them at the start of each battle round, not on your turn. This is because apparently, being assigned to guard Titans means you immediately lose all Forge World specific equipment and training, despite the fact that Titans are both cultt from specific Forge Worlds and the fact that the Codex specifically states that the Titan Guard is drawn from a Forge World’s 1st Macroclade.

The sweetest Adeptus Mechanicus units are found in Heavy Support, and you’ll want to run lots of them. vodex

Warhammer 40,000/Tactics/Adeptus Mechanicus(8E)

This hurts things like Electro-Priests, which really do benefit from being in large mechamicus. If you want to run Mars, you will need to purchase Cawl, if you want to run anything else, one Techpriest Dominus and a Techpriest Enginseer will do.

Forge Worlds not listed below can select any Dogma they wish. Your Battalion Detachment has room for 6 elites, 3 heavy support, and 3 fast attack choices.

See here for an in-depth discussion of Knights on their own; what matters to you is that Cawl, Domini, and Enginseers can fix Questor Mechanicus Knights, and any of the three or a Datasmith can propagate the Knight of the Cog stratagem onto them they also have access to a new stratagem from our Codex, Rotate Ion Shields, but they can do that without any assistance from us at all.