CRYPTEX: Tradecraft for the spy who loves messaging mysteries. . It comes with instructions to set the pass code to any 5 letter combination you choose. Resetting the code is fairly straightforward after you follow the instructions carefully. It involves taking apart the cryptex, taking off the outer rings. Instruction Sheet. Video Instructions (almost identical to those of Vino Vault) Puzzle Pod cryptex can be set to any five letter word of your choice. It could have .

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Check out the FAQ. Full instructions for the Cryptex are available in the gallery right below and also available in pdf form on the website. We are also committed to continue posting as frequently as we’ve been doing on our previous Kickstarter campaigns and on social media, answering all your questions as instructionz as possible.

To post a Make, come back to this Thing and click Post a Make. Feb 2, – Mar 5, 30 days.

Es por esto que nosotros seremos capaces de personalizarlo con tu propio toque personal para hacerlo perfecto para ti. You’ll need an HTML5 capable browser to see this content. Dropbox is the perfect tool for keeping all your files in sync: A beautiful and affordable product with endless possibilities. Six decagonal rings with engraved numbers on the surface. Who will open it first?

After campaign, you tell us what is the phrase you want. Funding period Feb 2, – Mar 5, 30 days. Summary In the book -the Instructionz Vinci Code- a cryptex plays an important role. Ijstructions the functioning of the locking mechanism.


insttuctions No need to buy an additional chest or drawer kit. Estimated delivery May Instrructions something inside, change the password and lock it! You can change the 5-letter word to whatever you want, as we will detail in this next seciton. This thing can be improved. I want those tickets and need to bust that code, so I better start making my customer calls. Check it out here: The top piece keeps all the rings from falling off when the inner-tube is removed.

Put the 1 ring around the outer tube and insert the inner-tube into the outer-tube from the side with the wide colar important! We can let them know you were interested. Although, we are a small team, we are multidisciplinary skilled inventors, artists and engineers. Puzzle Pod Cryptex full of goodies. Kickstarter is not a store. Hay tres clases de personas: The price is reasonable here for this purpose. The Cryptex is a mechanical lock artifact with a secret chamber inside.

Resetting the code is fairly straightforward after you follow the instructions carefully. Many tests were taken during the development of this product and we are sure that it will be resistant and durable enough to last for thousands of hours.

Hide secret messages, store your most valuable items, make surprises, create challenging adventures. The Cryptex is completely developed and it is ready to be manufactured. Add the other 4 rings one by one while checking that the rings can turn freely and the inner-tube can be removed easily which the right code.

CRYPTEX: DaVinci lock artifact with a secret chamber inside by GUIZAR BROTHERS — Kickstarter

The notches lock the pod in place if the right letter combinations are not input into the dial. It was carefully designed and engineered to ensure the best user experience for all ages.


With your lovely support and our hard work we continue to get better every day.

Reward no longer available. The cryptex is a cylinder with an important document in it, protected by a code word which can be set by turning rings around the cylinder. Thing Statistics Views.

Cryptex instructions.png

We do this by having very clear and honest communication throughout the campaign. Simply open the artifact and follow the detailed instructions of the user manual we will provide. An amusing feature of this cryptex is that if you forget your 5-letter combination, you will be forced to either:. A secret chamber with Let Them Know Message sent!

Check the new design from the image below. With your help we continue our mission to design, develop and manufacture beautiful inventions and products to share with the world. Estimated delivery Aug Another smaller shortcoming is that it can be a bit difficult for a first-time cryptex user to input the 5-letter word, as with the wrong hold, the other dials will shift when you try to input a letter into one of the dials.

We are introducing a redesigned and engineered version of this artifact.