Guidelines regarding constitution / reconstitution of IAEC 48th Meeting of CPCSEA was held on 21st August, under the Chairmanship of Shri Hem. PDF | The effect of implementation of guidelines of the Committee for the Purpose of Control and The results showed that the implementation of CPCSEA guidelines in pharmacy institution . Mar ; J Indian Assoc Pediatr Surg. PDF | On Dec 29, , Pandey Govind and others published Guidelines of CPCSEA for conducting the experiment on animals.

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Practical manual of Pharmacology; pp. Medical council of India, New Delhi, amendment notification of 8 July to the Minimal standard requirements for medical colleges with admissions annually, regulations.

In the s, antibiotic treatment cpcea vaccines for leprosy were developed using armadillos.

After validation, acceptance of the alternative is necessary for its success. Cats are most commonly used in neurological research. The use of live guidelinex experiments is decreasing in many medical colleges across India.

A recent vertebrate model, the Zebra fish has proven to a very good model for toxicity testing. In India, two models are currently available: The monkeys had their eyes sewn shut and hence attracted a lot of ctiticism in Replacement methods can be absolute replacements i.

For example, within the European Union, the local lymph node assay LLNA is the preferred method for assessing skin sensitization potential, whereas guinea pig assays are still preferred in other regions of the world cpczea.


Animal use in pharmacology education and research: The changing scenario

Exercises in the form of graphs, tables obtained from various animal experiments can be used to teach students. Hence, the results obtained with these simulated models may not be very accurate. To add to this, withdrawal and ban of a number of drugs guideines recent years including rofecoxib, which was proven safe in animal testing highlight these legitimate concerns about extrapolation of animal test results to human beings.

A few examples include computer models to model human metabolism, to study plaque buildup and cardiovascular risk and to evaluate toxicity of guiddlines. These committees have the responsibility to ensure that alternatives, including non-animal alternatives, have been discussed, dpcsea experiments are not unnecessarily duplicative and appropriate pain relief is given unless it would interfere with the research.

Recommendation for import of animals for use in experiments. It has been reported that the animals are being subjected to painful procedures in education and training unnecessarily.

Limulus ameobocyte lysate assay and human whole blood pyrogen test have replaced cpcsex pyrogen tests. Virtual experimental pharmacology an alternative or not?

The various alternatives used are mannequins, videos, observational and field studies, materials from slaughter house and fisheries, supervised clinical experience etc.

In the s, Behring used horses for production of diphtheria antitoxin and the development of a vaccine against diphtheria and tetanus leading to the first Noble prize in physiology or medicine in The main concern for animals in experimentation is physical and mental stress and pain.


Indian council of medical research, New Delhi. Opportunities to avoid redundant testing and use alternative approaches. Alternatives, animal experiments, pharmacology education, regulations.

The biological effects in the eye are easier to visualize because of lesser tear flow and absence of eye pigment in these animals.

The dilemma to continue animal experiments in education and research continues with varied and confusing guidelines. The institution’s veterinarian or institutional animal care or institute animal ethics committee IAECfor care and use of animals advise the researchers for the use of animals in cpcssea respective research projects.

The use of animals in higher education: Registration of establishments conducting animal experimentation or breeding of animals for this purpose. The students appreciated the alternatives and found these more useful to understand the mechanism of action of drugs.

The terms animal testing, animal experimentation, animal research, in vivo testing and vivisection are often used interchangeably although they carry different meanings. Computer-based alternatives were used to some extent by all countries.

Animal use in pharmacology education and research: The changing scenario

Teaching and learning resources, IndPharnet. 204 is animal experimentation? In doing so, a broad consensus must be developed for removing or reducing the animal experiments from curriculum.