Colgate vs Pepsodent Comparative advertisement. 1. COMPARATIVE ADVERTISEMENT VS; 2. DEFINATION Comparative advertising is an. Colgate Palmolive (India) Ltd. brought an action against HUL for its ads relating to its product ‘Pepsodent GermiCheck Superior Power’ as. Colgate – Market PositioningWhile Pepsodent germi-check has a market share of %, Colgate strong teeth has a market share of %. The below discussion.

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I think you should try this.

Which toothpaste is better Colgate or Pepsodent for all dental solution?

An I for an I and a tooth for a tooth; And for the customers, we do not care a hoot!! My two favourite this year are:. If the goods of an Advertiser are superior than those of competition, he is entitled to publicise the same.

Ayurvedic haircare brand Kesh King will roll out a new television pepsoden with ace tennis player Sania Mirza, who has been associated with the brand since The spot encourages its audience to be comfortable with whatever their pepdodent choices are and to not allow society to put them down with pre-defined beauty ideals.

It is ridiculous activity by pepsodent.

Colgate vs. Pepsodent brand war – competitive advertisement trending again?

Leader Address By Rohit Gothi. Her beauty is a belief that starts with her being comfortable in her own skin. But Colgate contended that no such test exists in the world. You may clean your teeth daily or every second day or in a week with salt, without having any worries, as I myself use salt as a teeth cleaner along with my toothpaste from time to time.

I read it many time but I never found a appropriate answer relates to this case. However, buying and using toothpaste will not be effective that much till you brush your teeth in an effective manner.

Well there are no absolutes like there are always two sides of a coin. Both of them are good but which toothpaste is more effective among them. We take a look at other campaigns rolled out by brands on the said concept of embracing individuality and breaking the pre-conceived, traditional notions of beauty.


In short, the food-tech brand just nailed it. As you must be knowing that Colgate and Pepsodent are two of the leading toothpaste brands in the country, and both comes to the market after getting double checked and being verified by ‘FDI World’s Dental Health’ and many other dental health laboratories. IdeasMakeMarket and its logo are registered trademarks. It has always been a reliable brand for its consumers over the years.

According to the health of the teeth and problems faced by the individual, toothpastes are recommended. Get some life pepsodent and do not hit below the belt.

Pepsodent vs. Colgate: How effective is comparative advtg? – Exchange4media

The overall message being to never be apologetic about pepaodent choices. Yes the trend can be seen even in the soft drinks segment. We are very happy to see Sania in her new role as a mother and wish both the mother and the child a very healthy and prosperous future. We asked experts what they think about the campaign, and take a look at other similar advertising campaigns by brands Misbaah Mansuri 4 days ago.

According to clgate court too much could not be read into the ads and to expressions of each individual character.

So to get rid off oral problems first start maintaining your oral hygiene by using correct brushing technique and not choosing between toothpastes. It has been around since Teeth or Dental problems are increasing in our country and for its prevention we use toothpaste of different brands pepsodnet in India Colgate and Pepsodent are the leading brands in the manufacture of toothpaste and trusted by millions.

Colgate vs. Pepsodent brand war – competitive advertisement

Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. It hit the spot while sticking to the correct balance in communication. This ad not only cklgate the feature but has a great penny-drop moment and is aided by immaculate execution.

The new ad campaign aim at providing awareness and the importance of proactive planning for right solutions with respect to financial needs for retirement, child future and unforeseen circumstances. An Advertiser is entitled to compare his goods with those of his competitor and advertise the same. Which toothpaste is better Colgate or Pepsodent for all dental solution? In the past she has reported on ;epsodent news, travel and lifestyle.


Films that aced the art of brand association in 19 hours ago.

In this global village, where you have access to the world information by few clicks, one can consider the ill effects of brand war a serious threat for any company- big or small. However, an ugly truth that remains largely unaddressed is that millions of Indians still have to defecate in the open in unsafe, unhygienic and undignified conditions. What can one wear that looks as good on a 6 month old, as it does on a 60 year old? More use of recycled materials.

The comparison needs to be crafted in a manner that a consumer can relate to. Keynote Address By Vishak Kumar. The advertisements were analyzed frame by frame and the following observations were made:.

Are you looking for a comparative review between Colgate and Pepsodent toothpastes? Leave a Reply Cancel reply Sign in with:. Reduce the weight of packaging. If you want to try natural, then you may try as per Vijay Kumar Vishwakarma.

Misbaah Pepeodent 18 hours ago. Add new comment Your name. A consumer ordering just one gulab jamun and savouring it at the doorsteps is something that struck a chord.

Also, while the Pepsodent Boy passed this test, the Colgate Boy was shown to have failed. I then came to know that this is a common and persistent post — pregnancy problem that exists among women and I wish to sensitize them of the best solution available in the market. You must Sign In to post a response.

Deepak Singh, Chief Creative Officer, YAAP, says that he quite likes the concept of defineyourownbeautystandard which holds true to everyone, but adds that he expected better from that brand.