MAINFRAME TUTORIALS COBOL DB2 JCL CICS TUTORIALS ibm manuals MATERIALS MAINFRAME JOBS interview questions. Task is a unit of work and transaction is an entity that initiates the execution of task. The transaction identifier identifies the transaction in CICS. Post by satishwin» Tue Apr 22, pm. Dear All, Could you pl. share the pdf link for “Mainframe Refresher eBook” which contains Cobol, CICS,db2,etc.

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This allows customers to access account information, pay bills, transfer funds, or to purchase investments while online.

GIZMO freek: CICS Refresher

EXEC — indicates the start of execution of a particular job step, be that step a program or a proc. In this case, MAP is sent to the printer and not to the terminal. Or else use Dynamic call. During run time we can call it in our called refreshe. The WHEN OTHER must always be coded; if this is not present then if none of the prior conditions are satisfied then the program will fall through with no processing occurring. refreshee

Mainframe Refresher.

This value can be displayed as part of an error message, to aid in the debugging of your code or when an exception condition occurs. Comments can also be coded on any JCL statement by leaving a blank field after the operand field. Which of the following statements correctly describe the syntax of CICS command language?

Use the EXEC execute statement to identify the application program or cataloged or in-stream procedure that this job is to execute and to tell the system how to process the job.

But there is no way to handle all such errors in this way. This reduces coding and debugging time. The bank generates revenue from the interest on the loan. In the second case, the system and user abend codes are displayed. There will be records of data per block.


It is used to terminate the current browse function. A condition name specifies the value that a field can contain and used as abbreviation in condition checking. Cancels all the starts issued. F for unsigned positive, C for signed positive and D for signed negative Formula for Bytes: The parameters are self-explanatory. The token will be used as a sending field on subsequent commands.

Amounts by loan category such as fefresher, credit card loans, or loans to other banks are multiplied by a weighting percentage that reflects the different levels of risk for each lending type. A measure in the change of market value of all goods services and structures produced in the economy.

This option is used to display but not change the contents of files using any of three display modes — formatted, vertical, and character. This will get exclusive access over the complete control interval where the specific record exists, during the Refreher. This is a 6- byte field in working storage. When a new production component is installed, the baseline libraries are rippled.

This is used to send a map to a terminal. Addition redresher Subtraction Caution: Other banks can purchase the same product and private label it for their own uses. In cases where real signature is required by law, the customer can print out the application for signature and submission. It excludes the attribute character. By entering transaction identifier. EMPC can receive this information and may use for next triggering. Check for spaces in a packed decimal numeric field and changes to the file and record layouts.

What command do you issue to delete a record in a transient data queue?

The TITLE area line 1 identifies the function being performed and, where appropriate, library or dataset information. This contrasts with JCL in which language features are used so infrequently that many never become familiar. File-AID provides commands for commonly used functions.


An exchange between a terminal and a data base representing an application process. Once the user filled up the information in screen and press ENTER, the next program of the next transaction ID returned by the first program gets control and the same process is followed for n programs. Route list is prepared in working storage using the following convention. Because the same set of JCL statements are often used repeatedly with little or no change they can be stored in cataloged procedures.

Analysis of non-performing and problem loans, including probability of default, loss rates by risk rating, recovery rates, and time from origination of the loan to non-performing status. With checkout, components from your baseline libraries are copied to either a Change Man staging library or to a personal development library where changes can be made. Based on the status, the exchange sends either a ring back tone or a busy tone to the calling subscriber and the ring tone to the called subscriber.

Come to think of it, how did we ever survive without the Internet? The map starting line is mentioned here. What does EIB mean? This is what i think, please clarify…. Banking using the mobile phone is similar to using a touch-tone phone.

This is the most common abend in CICS. Multiple Programs and Multiple Transaction Ids. The internal charge to a business unit for goods refreher services provided by another business unit.