Master Chu Shong Tin was born in in the Kwong-tung Province of Mainland China. In November , he left China and settled in Hong Kong. During. This is Master Chu Song Tin’s last book. It comes in two volumes, and this is the first (published in ). The second was published in The book covers. Great Grandmaster Chu Shong Tin (Sigung Chu) was a closed door student of the legendary Yip Man who took Wing Chun Kung Fu to Hong Kong in

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About Chu Shong Tin

Finally, I decided to follow Master Yip and sohng his student. At that moment, the concept of lop nim became extremely enlightening and inspiring to me.

There we sat down to rest for about half an hour before returning. He did have a habit, though, the habit that I mostly hesitated to accompany him to enjoy: Since I followed Grandmaster Ip as a disciple, I have been influenced by him in various aspects. Most of the time he was humorous and often told jokes with a youthful heart.

Lok Yiu in Cantonesemy two seniors in Wing Chun learning, also substantiated by my growing knowledge in Wing Chun, I at last devoted myself to becoming a formal disciple of Ip.

About Chu Shong Tin | 徐尚田詠春同學會 Chu Shong Tin Ving Tsun Alumni

Ip was dedicated to teaching Wing Chun for more than 20 years. Use the mind to command each technique rather than using muscle tension. Tei Gong pulling up of the muscle around the anus area helps unite body and stance. It helps one bring forth chi flow into every part of the body.


The two men spent a day together during which Sigung Chu developed an admiration for his new friend and his deep understanding and commitment to Wing Chun. After a long time, I began to see the connection between lop nim and the form. Ip was both solemn and humorous — characteristics admired by me.

At the time I was the secretary of the association, so Master Yip and I had many opportunities to be cnu. Some of them have even taken Wing Chun to flourish overseas.

Many of his disciples have also established their own teaching careers. Photo taken inGrandmaster Ip Man is in the middle of the second row, the fifth from the right of the second row is Master Chu Shong Tin. From then on I lived together with Ip for as chuu as five years. Training as per the timetable will resume on the 2 Jan The crowd of more than ten people marched to the hut — stones were hailed non-stop, the banging sound echoed unceasingly, backdropping the shouts chhu Li that Ip wanted to see him.

During his additional leisure time, he was fond of playing mahjong TN: It makes Ving Tsun body structure able to sustain great pressure and produce rebound energy. Learn the insights, history, training methods and inspiration from the greatest proponents and supporters of Wing Chun.


Sigung Chu Shong Tin continues to endorse and support the Academy’s teaching programme, and retains the honorary title, ‘Father of the International Wing Chun Academy’, which he accepted from Sifu Jim in I am sure most of my peers have also heard about this term.

Chu Shong Tin | International Wing Chun Academy

Ip is of high virtues yet humorous, fond of using banter sentences and apt allusions, bringing knowing smiles as well as bursting laughter to many who could not contain their appreciation.

I went to Master Yip and chuu about the meaning of Siu Nim Tau, especially the non-combative tone in the name.

The crowd of more than ten people marched to the hut — stones were hailed non-stop, the banging sound echoed unceasingly, backdropping the shouts to Li that Ip wanted to see him. Similarly, all other techniques in Siu Nim Tau employ circular movements in various directions. It can also transfer or deflect energy dynamically when spinning. Everyone should have this kind of power.

To be proficient in this foundation, all movements should be done with the mind rather than strength.

At that time I was still young and was sbong used to going bed late. The time table of our website have update problem. I finally understood the reason behind it.