The United States believes that it alone pursues and indicts war criminals; nothing in its political or journalistic culture allows for the fact that it. The Trial of Henry Kissinger has ratings and reviews. Greg said: Henry Kissinger is a bad bad man, and Christopher Hitchens sets out to prove i. Christopher Hitchens and The Trial of Henry Kissinger: A Response to. Lawrence Douglas. BY RONALD EDSFORTH. Christopher Hitchens begins TheTrial of.

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This isn’t a book for the layperson; it presupposes not only a thorough knowledge of American foreign policy circabut also at least a somewhat nominal knowledge of I found myself wishing this was longer. Kissinger is not an abstract founding father, hitcnens is a contemporary living being and as triao he can and should and has stand for the accusations and realities that various papers, testimony, and reports implicate him in.

I kept finding myself saying “ok, then what.


That includes everything from hijacking peace talks in to extend the Vietnam War as a civilian, when the Johnson administration was still in office by opening a secret back channel with South Vietnam to win the presidential election to secretly and illegally bombing trixl neutral country, Cambodia, during that same extended Vietnam War, creating the conditions which allowed the Khmer Rouge to rise there.

Compact Htichens – In all, the book does all it can with the small pages it has the book is a very, very past read. Highlights from the book were serialized in Harper’s Magazine in February and March Yet what is controversy, really, when applied to such a figure? No one but the odd US foot soldier was ever tried. The book is slim, but fairly detailed, and while it focuses on Kissinger deservinglythe implicit thesis of the book is the flaw of international legal standards, that is to say, when a statesman commits crimes and is powerless he is hanged, if the statesman is powerful he is worshipped.


Sadly he did not live long enough to see the possible appearance of Kissinger in the dock, but perhaps the many tens of thousands of victims who have survived the wicked tenure of this criminally bent narcissist will see him finally brought to justice.

The Trial of Henry Kissinger by Christopher Hitchens | Books | The Guardian

Hitchens’s fame and reputation as a contrarian guarantee that his indictment will receive media attention it’s already been serialized in Harper’sand leftists will delight in his skewering of Kissinger. Anyone interested in the Cold War should definitely read this book.

Discover what to read next. The book is slim, but fairly detailed, and while it focuses on Kissinger deservinglythe implicit thesis of the book is the flaw of international legal standards, th This little book includes some of Christopher Hitchens’ best investigative reporting. And that man is now extremely twitchy. The thrust perfectly surmised in this paragraph: Cohen th Hitchens “does a lawyerly job of demonstrating Kissinger’s involvement” in the overthrow of Salvador Allende and “also spells out the American role in the Greek junta’s attempt in to assassinate Archbishop Makarios, president of Cyprus, and catches Kissinger and Ford acquiescing in the Indonesian invasion of East Timor in A compelling polemic that makes Chrstopher seem like a straightforward kinda guy, and will leave Augusto Pinochet and Slobodan Milosevic hoping they get to do their time in solitary.

The charge sheet – subversion of the US-Vietnam peace talks, the rampant destruction of Cambodia and Laos, complicity in political assassinations both successful and failed chrisotpher Chile and Cyprus, tacit approval kissjnger secret support of the invasion of East Timor, interference in Angola, support of the Fascist junta in Greece, support of the Turkish invasion of Cyprus, involvement in the attempted kidnapping and murder of an inconvenient Greek journalist and democratic political activist, financial interests in Suharto’s Burma and Milosevic’s Serbia – is long and miserable to read.

Tim Walker of The Austin Hitcnens lauded Hitchens as “a brilliant polemicist and a tireless reporter.


A fiery and incisive look at the war crimes of an American statesman, as well as a critique of the international justice system. No trivia or quizzes yet. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. But there’s more, much more than these two examples. Verso — via Amazon. Books of the Week.

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As good as Investigative journalism gets. He was Christopher Eric Hitchens was an English-born American author, journalist and literary critic.

Extended the Vietnam War, illegally, against non-combatant nations; and 5. Ignore your religious beef with Hitch and see the reality of the USA’s policies i A lot of people avoid Hitchens because of his “New Atheist” associations. Hitchens was a polemicist and intellectual.

With the detention of Augusto Pinochet, and intense international pressure for the arrest of Slobodan Milosovic, the possibility of international law acting against tyrants around the world is emerging as a reality. He investigates and reveals Kissingers’ involvement in: Retrieved from ” https: This device might be acceptable in a novel – except this is not a novel. The important themes here are people in power not being held to account, and the damage that does, especially to a progressive society A brilliant and important piece of work in terms of gathering and presenting evidence, but this book doesn’t help you by supplying any sort of primer material.

Dec 22, Hadrian rated it really liked it Shelves: I would have liked it much better had Hitchens instead said at the beginning of each of his arguments “In this chapter, Kisdinger will discuss X, Y, and Z.