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Outside Kowki, I feel grateful to a number of colleagues similarly bitten by the rock art bug: Absent this context as a starting point, the resulting interpretations stand a strong chance of representing little more than projections of Western biases, interests, and concerns onto non-Western traditional art.

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However, in spite of their high quality, these publications sometimes fall short of the criteria of scientific rock art recording cf. The book Quicker Maths by M Tyra PDF has been neatly divided into various chapters and contains clear introduction on different mathematical topics, the important derivations and formula that aid in understanding the core concept of the subject and solve the questions faster yet correctly.

Geographically speaking, reindeer both wild and domesticated are the most common cervid species in the mountainous Arctic, where most of Saami ethnography and myth has been recorded.

Recent excavations at Ukonsaari have brought to light remains of the sacrificial meals that the Saami shared with the god of the island. Museiverketwhich has become more active in recording, conserving and popularising rock art.

Finskt Museum 86, A summary of the various chronological indicators discussed in the text: In Siberian shamanism, boats occur in this function, as pointed out by Siikala and exemplified by the metal decorations of certain shaman costumes Fig. The overall distribution of rock paintings is thus heavily concentrated in South-Eastern Finland Fig. The geographical distribution of rock art in Finland thus seems to be a result of at least two factors: Suomen Museo 87, The creation of the painting itself is associated chriis the belief that such beings lived inside specific rock cliffs and that their power could be obtained through visits to rock art sites.


When the Ice Age ended and the Fennoscandian landmass became ice-free, it began to divinayion rise again — a phenomenon known as isostatic land uplift. From the personal archives of prof. The End of Drum-Time: Neuropsychology and Rock Art Research. delusuon

A Touch of Red 31 Location, subject matter and dating Figure A Touch of Red 29 Location, subject matter and dating 2. There is variation in both the shape of bottom, which may be almost flat as at Myllylampi; see Miettinen Sometimes the iconography of rock art includes weapons, chariots or other elements of material culture that may offer clues to dating e.

Comb Ware pottery, so-called because of the characteristic decoration that has been made using a comb-like instrument, is divided into three main stages: Philosophy of the Social Sciences 19, Ruokolahden kunnan arkeologinen inventointi.

Paper IV Lahelma, A. Although there is not much concrete evidence for it, the possibility that some of them were painted during the Mesolithic or the Iron Age or even the historical period thus cannot be ruled out. Acta Archaeologica 74, — These differences probably indicate differences in the function of the art and the ritual context in which it was created. In both cases, there are uncertainties associated with the dated samples, and as such, they can be treated only as interesting anomalies.

This may have contributed to an idea that such places function as gateways between the different levels of the tiered cosmos, and between the worlds of humans and spirits. Acta Arctica II, Kobenhavn. And when birds fly by, it shoots them and offers them to the Saami. Antiquity 795— One of them is a Late Neolithic slate point Pyheensilta or Volosovo typeaccording to present knowledge dated to ca. As such, rock art hypotheses are no less scientific than any other hypotheses made in archaeology.


Contrary to the rock arts of neighbouring Sweden, Norway and Russian Karelia, Finnish rock art consists solely of rock paintings. As the amount of datable painting motifs is rather small, the effects of taphonomy, short-term changes in water-level or possible idiosyncrasies in style may dramatically affect the results. It might be suggested, then, that at least in Sweden and Finland, rock paintings may be associated with comparatively small-scale hunting bands, shamans and individual vision quests.

Some of the finds associated with rock paintings can be dated on typological grounds. Only a few sites show snakes that appear anatomically accurate, but it seems apparent that zigzag-lines were used to represent snakes because snakes and zigzag-lines occur in analogous scenes with human figures.

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An anthology of the poems in English, entitled Finnish Folk Poetry: Furthermore, in a few cases the images seem to incorporate elements of two categories: In the above discussion, an interpretation was offered for most of the motifs of Finnish rock art. Divinstion complement this aim, I have also included an extensive catalogue of rock painting sites in Appendix 3. The four amber pendants Fig. A scene rock art: