Chenrezig, Lord of Love has 40 ratings and 2 reviews. Chris Van Dyke said: An excellent introduction to Cherezig as a figure in Buddhism, as well as a wo. Principles and Methods of Deity Meditation The Tibetan Buddhist practices of meditation are part of the spiritual wealth of humanity and deity meditation forms . Results 1 – 13 of 13 Chenrezig, Lord of Love: Principles and Methods of Deity Meditation by Bokar Rinpoche and a great selection of related books, art and.

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If so little can be said about sadhanas then I wonder about Bokar Rinpoche’s purpose in writing this book and how best to use it?

Jim Dunn rated it liked it Dec 14, I realize chennrezig may be a huge topic. Anyways, I will look for a few more resources and post once I have found them on my cpu.

Julie Henderson rated it it was amazing Mar 12, I’m hoping to continue mantra or visualization throughout the night. Can someone offer some advice on how to bring sleep to practice? Robert rated it really liked it Dec 13, It might be an individual decision, if a phase of that sadhana is short or long, if you decide yourself where to put the focus or if there is a narrow frame how to do it.

Perhaps you could request an interview, bring a Khata and a few offerings and request some instruction. Even the same teacher gives different advices to the same student, if time passes. After their death, they will be saved.

The sleep practice is also very challenging.

“Chenrezig, Lord of Love” practice questions – Dharma Wheel

Some of the questions, such as self-liberating thoughts, also have to do with who is teaching you meditation overall, what and how they are teaching you etc There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Jude Justin rated it it was amazing Jul 22, Recently many exiled Tibetan masters have been actively teac Deity meditation is perhaps the least understood of all practices within Tibetan Buddhism. Andrew Mcconnach rated it it was amazing Oct 18, He clearly sets forth the principles and theory of this meditation using a minimum of technical terminology and then gives instructions for the practice of Chenrezig.


This beats instruction in a teaching setting any day!

Chenrezig, Lord of Love : Bokar Rinpoche :

lofd Bokar Rinpoche’s books are always very readable and accessible to Western readers, yet he never waters down Buddhism into new-age language, the way that many authors even highly esteemed Tibetan Lamas often do. Arthur Borges rated it it was amazing Mar 30, I have an hour to meditate each morning, and I’m not sure whether to give this portion only 5 or 10 minutes, or if it’s vital enough to warrant 30 minutes or longer.

If not then it should be fairly easy to get but just remember that we must request teachings that we want to receive. I’ve been working the same one for years now, and honestly without a combination of factors, I would have never “gotten it”. It differs from the certain sadhanas, teachers and students.

Cedric rated it really liked it May 27, This is a most helpful guided to those beginning practitioners who have had some basic meditation training and are about to receive the Chenrezik empowerment. The Buddha Sakyamuni used oral instruction as the basic vehicle of teaching and all Buddhist meditative lineages have continued lors custom.

Dharma Wheel

Dale rated it it was amazing Aug 20, Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Lutha Leahy-miller rated it it was amazing Apr 19, For me, the experience of falling asleep during meditation and at night are chenrdzig identical: The ones with front generation seem to be a whole different deal from the self-generation ones.


Bokar Rinpoche in this small volume directly addresses the needs and concerns of Westerners venturing into the lofty, yet sometimes, confusing world of deity meditation. Jul 19, Chris Van Dyke rated it it was amazing Shelves: David Cosentino rated it really liked it Nov 02, I have decided to stick with love. Azrielq rated it it was amazing Feb 01, Deity meditation is perhaps the least understood of all practices within Tibetan Buddhism.

As the thread says, I’m using Lord of Love. I received Chenrezig transmission when I took refuge a few years ago, but I don’t remember all the intricacies of the teaching at the time.

Bardor Rinpoche will teach on this practice in the summer, and the Mp3 of those teachings should be available shortly after. Adhering to a mental mantra or image seems to keep me chhenrezig, sometimes for an hour plus.

The local Tibetan place has a wait list of three to six months to see even a senior student, and the lama was unavailable for private interviews at all the last I checked, unfortunately. Books by Bokar Rinpoche.

Remembering “I am Chenrezig” and visualizing periodically throughout the day or reciting the mantra constantly, is this not contrary to “allowing thoughts to be self-liberated”? I’ve just been imagining him above me, then transforming me into Chenrezig along with all other beings. Alex rated it it was amazing Jun 27, Still it must be said that for those interested in pursuing this practice, a book is not a substitute for contact with a living teacher.

Thanks for telling us about the problem.