Buy Factotum by Charles Bukowski from Amazon’s Fiction Books Store. ); Language: English; ISBN ; ISBN Read “Factotum”, by Charles Bukowski online on Bookmate – One of Charles Bukowski’s best, this beer-soaked, deliciously degenerate novel follows the. Factotum by Charles Bukowski (Jun 5 ) [aa] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. One of Charles Bukowski’s best, this beer-soaked.

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Having read two of Bukowski’s books now, I’ve decided he’s for two types of people: It’s the s, Chinaski had been rejected by the World War II drafts on account of his mental health, and he’s searching for a job. I have yet to read a Bukowski novel that I consider great. Knowing some Joes like him, I wish they took their minds of the bottle and did something productive like write it all down.

Chuck Buck prides himself as a worthless human filled with anger and bitterness towards all his fellow men. What a piece of shit. Henry Chinaski is a great character; his factootum urbanity and alcoholism makes him a buklwski guide into the seedy underbelly.

Factotum – Charles Bukowski.pdf – Libcom

He wanted to be a writer. View all 8 comments. I guess how he seems to be able to walk into any bar, in any state in America and it is full of easy women who, for a drink bbukowski just give it away, just pissed me off.

Oct 10, Joshua Nomen-Mutatio rated it it was ok Shelves: This is why I don’t get the love for this author. If the reader comes to this text with our typical baggage: The bar is pretty noisy, this singer’s all, work work work work. In ccharles, Bukowski, for me, reads like a guy telling a joke.


Retrieved from ” https: He worked a wide range of jobs to support his writing, including dishwasher, truck driver and loader, mail carrier, guard, gas station attendant, stock boy, warehouse worker, shipping clerk, post office clerk, parking lot attendant, Red Cross orderly, and elevator operator.

When you read, for example Palahniuk’s description and detail of Marla Singer in Fight Club, even about Chloe, who was charlea to die, he puts faactotum there with a richness and prose that complements the dark text.

Then I moved to the couch where I drank alcohol and chain-smoked cigarettes while zooming through the book. It just made me sad.

Or, do I perhaps harbor some of the same misanthropy that he nakedly exposes one word to the next? It’s a very conflicting book, because in some regards it’s depressing to see how he lived, what his relationships were like, but on other levels, it’s inspiring, because he was so dirt poor and bounced around from job to job, but was able to support himself and his career, even if the quality of life was so low.

It’s a credit to Bukowski’s genius that he can make a character and not a caricature. When a brief stint as a bookie finds him abandoned by the only woman with whom fsctotum is able to relate, a fling with gold-digging floozie Laura finds him once again falling into a morose state of perpetual drunkenness and unemployment. This could mean losing girlfriends, wives, relatives and maybe even your mind.

Factotum by Charles Bukowski

Very little imagination seemed to be at work here. Lists with This Book. Sometimes it was a new driver, and I thought, how do they select these sons of bitches? And sometimes, after just such considerations, possibility turns into reality. I wanted to love Bukowski. But then I wonder, is there more buried deep within the the wine-soaked walls of Bukowski than lets on immediately? Mar 17, Brian rated it really liked it Recommended to Brian by: Factotum is the second novel by American author Charles Bukowski.


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Even the most horrible human being on earth deserves to wipe his ass. And then I up and went to a bar, since I was reading this on the anniversary of the Dirtiest Old Man in Literature’s passing and all, so I stopped worrying about pretty much everything.

Jan 22, Michael Oliver rated it did not like it Recommends it for: The bus driver leaned back and we roared along over this narrow cement strip surrounded by water and all the people in the bus, the twenty-five or forty of fifty-two people trusted him, but I never did.

Why do I like his writing so much and yet feel this strong, largely pre-emptive aversion to Bukowski? There is a primitive, visceral draw. It could mean not eating for three or four days. He said me huffi, work work work work work ‘These people are assholes, they’re all cowards’, he murmurs again.

As it happens, all of them come back with a rejection slip. Aug 09, David Schaafsma rated it really liked it Shelves: Views Read Edit View history.