Copy or write down the IP address and port – you’ll need it to configure CCProxy. In this example, the IP-address is , port Windows 7 CCproxy SCCM CCProxy Configuration. Click Account tab. Choose Permit Only and IP Address. Configure Proxey Server Step by Step Step 1 – Install CCProxy on the Server The server is the computer that can access the Internet directly in.

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To open the account dialog box. The right number is the number of online accounts. Configuratioon provides efficient ways to build an anonymous Internet access, download files, send and receive emails. If checked, the HTTP proxy will load and store web pages to the proxy cache.

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If there is a new version, it will open the upgrade dialog box. Bellow are the benifits of free proxy server. Type an IP-address of proxy server from https: In this case, the clients can access the Internet directly with the Routers bypass proxy server. To start web ftp proxy service and set proxy port. Both single configurztion multi-NIC cards are supported and there are no special settings. The right number is the number of online accounts. A Free proxy server allows you to browse your favorite websites, without revealing your IP address.

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CCProxy Server Configuration

We will explain the functions of CCProxy in this section. It’s not only Internet connection sharing software, but also Internet access control software. Special mention is that if the clients have been able to share the Internet, such as through the router, and hope to use the CCProxy to manage and control the clients’ Internet access.

To configure the other proxy settings such as interface language, remote admin, etc. You can get access to various resource such as movies, games, e-books and so on from all over the world even they have region restrictions.

Open options dialog box by clicking “options”. To configure the mail proxy service. To configure the web-cached function, i. Now, this computer is automatically working as an anonymous and free proxy server. To configure the dial-up service. Then you can get the current Internet IP address of this proxy server for free.

That’s to say, CCProxy cannot control the clients. Bellow are the steps for you to build your own proxy server for free with CCProxy. To open the advanced options dialog box. You are commenting using your Facebook account.

If the computer on which CCProxy has been located is connected to the Internet directly, with no router or firewall, please just ignore this step. Double click this option to check for upgrade information. Product Logo Zone Display the product logo. The left number is the amount of online confiuration. To start web ftp proxy service and set proxy port. We generally assumed this to be If you want to know more about client configurations, please read cfproxy Client Configuration “.


Let’s say your free proxy server’s Internet IP address is ” To start conflguration proxy service. Now you need to configure web proxy settings in IE and or Firefox. Therefore both the server and the clients have an IP address.

Sometimes, it can also speed up your surfing. To start port map service.

Installation of CCProxy

You might need to do some changes on your hardware. Web proxy settings in Internet Explorer, testing proxy 1.

Brief introduction on free proxy server Want to surf without any restrictions? To display the number of online connections and accounts.

System Information Zone U: The server IP address is static and fixed. You are commenting using your WordPress.

To configure the cascading proxy, also called parent proxy, service. To start DNS proxy service. We also have ccpoxy instructions for you – how to proxy server for various network applications. When you choose one local IP address, you need to check the checkbox beside it.