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ITEM 1 – 84 of 84 View detailed import data of No under HTS Code with details Feb 16 , , 5 CARTON 15 KGS CBM (PLASTIC. View detailed import data of No under HTS Code with details of Feb 21 , , CARTON KGS CBM DEPT PO. CBM Datasheet [] ; download; size: bytes. CBM Wafer Specification Rev [CBM_Wafer_spec_Revpdf].

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For reproduction of material from PCCP: This article is part of the themed collections: In this study, the T7 coliphage was genetically engineered to express the newly developed luceriferase, NanoLuc NLucas an indicator of bacterial contamination.

Carbohydrate binding modules are commonly found within carbohydrate active enzymes that fold independently of the larger protein structure and display specific binding to carbohydrate substrates.

Rapid detection of bacteria responsible for foodborne diseases is a growing necessity for public health.


You do not have JavaScript enabled. While several genetic approaches were employed to optimize reporter enzyme expression, the novel achievement of this work was the successful fusion of the NanoLuc reporter to a carbohydrate binding module CBM with specificity to crystalline cellulose. CBM Technology has been around for 45 years. In order to concentrate and purify engineered proteins, numerous epitope tags such as His-tag, 42 AviTag, 43 and FLAG, 44 among others 45 are commonly used.

We answer your calls the first time, every time. Our results suggest that our novel recombinant phages are ideal for an ultrasensitive bacterial detection assay. Lower limits of detection can be reached by increasing the pre-enrichment times thereby allowing the bacteria to reach a higher concentration.


Bacteriophage phage based detection methods have demonstrated a high potential to detect, mitigate and control the causative bacterial agents of foodborne illness. This is due to the high specificity of the phages which can often be limited to single strains. Custom Solutions for Specific Needs.


Our Cloud Department can help optimize your daily processes and change the way you think about business. Ongoing work by the authors and other labs aims to customize the tail cbmm of phages to allow tailored host ranges. Security 44082 and Access Control.

Data points represent the average of three replicates and error bars represent the standard deviations. Upon infection, the injected phage DNA has been shown to dramatically alter bacterial gene expression and metabolism. Positive plaques were isolated, propagated and submitted for full genome sequencing. CBM fusion for the ultrasensitive 0482 of Escherichia coli in water T. The optical density briefly increased following the addition of reporter phage indicating steady state growth then rapidly dropped as cells lysed.

Recently engineered and commercialized by Promega, a highly active luciferase NanoLuc or NLuc and substrate furimazine system have generated luminescent signals orders of magnitude greater than that of other commonly used luciferases.

Nichols cJ.

While the identification of indicators or potential pathogens often involves the culturing of serological, food, or environmental samples, new bcm have been introduced with the promise of cgm assay times from days, to hours, and even minutes. Peters dJ. The advantages of phages include their host specificity, ability to distinguish viable and non-viable cells, low cost, and ease of genetic engineering. To approximate realistic analytical conditions, E. Increased enzyme expression will be achieved by further optimization of regulatory and signal sequences as well as the insert location within dbm phage genome.


Commonly used phage reporters include alkaline phosphatase phoA27—29 beta-galactosidase lacZ28,30,31 green fluorescent protein gfp32,33 and bacterial luciferases luxAB or luxCDABE34—36 among others. The light emitted from NanoLuc is bright blue as evidenced by a sharp emission peak at nm.

Based on previous work with T7 reporter phages bearing much larger cmb, 31,56 the 1. The NanoLuc reporter enzyme expression cassette was synthesized as a linear double stranded DNA molecule with 50 bp of phage homology at each terminus.

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Following sterile filtration 0. Jump to main content.

We have shown the possibility of detecting the immobilized fusion protein in a filter plate which resulted from a single CFU of E. With a team of experienced programmers and developers, we can create a custom solution to meet your needs. Singh cA-L. 44082 reproduction of material from PPS: Such work will allow a better utilization of phages as both detection and therapy tools.