The Swan-Ganz balloon flotation catheter was introduced in clinical use by H. J. C. Swan and William Ganz in Since then, the catheter has been used in. Swan-Ganz catheter see swan-ganz catheter. Tenckhoff catheter a cuffed silicone catheter that is permanently inserted into the abdominal cavity for infusion of. Definición. La Medicina Intensiva o El Cuidado Crí- tico, es una rama de la un catéter (ver notas en monitoriza- ros catéteres de Swan Ganz, de la pre-.

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They may be named according to the site of entry and destination, such as femoral-renal and brachial-coronary. After insertion, the needle may be removed by withdrawing, but leaving the catheter in place.

Pigtail catheter | definition of pigtail catheter by Medical dictionary

A soft, flexible central venous catheter, inserted in a vein in the arm and advanced until the tip is positioned in the axillary, subclavian, or brachiocephalic vein.

Clinicopathological study and management strategies of liver abscess in a tertiary care centre. Such catheters may have preformed ends to facilitate selective locating as in a renal or coronary vessel from a remote entry site. Abdominal paracentesis may need to be performed several times, and it is usually done blindly An easier and safer method of draining ascites is to use a pigtail catheterwhich is inserted easily into the abdomen percutaneously under local anesthesia and guided using ultrasonography 2.

Sterile technique is a requirement during insertion. A catheter, 15 to 16 in 38 to Robinson catheter a straight urethral catheter with two to six openings to allow drainage, especially useful in the presence of blood clots which may occlude one or more openings.


Amplatz coronary catheter a J-shaped angiographic catheter used as an alternative to a Judkins coronary catheter in coronary arteriography. Called also oropharyngeal catheter. This type of catheter is also used in the measurement of central venous pressure. Fluids are forced unless otherwise restricted to ensure passage of dilute urine. When catheter-related infections are suspected, the catheter tip provides valuable information about infection sources in cases of sepsis.

An incision is made over the filled vein, the needle-cannula inserted, the stilette withdrawn, then the needle, leaving the plastic cannula in situ. A tube passed into the body for evacuating or injecting fluids.

cateter | InterMEDICINA

Dressing changes are carried out using sterile technique. They may commonly be referred to as Tenckhoff catheters because Dr. Swan-Ganz catheter see dateter catheter.

The pressure-sensitive balloon may be used to facilitate hemodynamic monitoring. See also central venous catheterization. An antibiotic impregnated patch covered by a sterile dressing should be placed at the insertion site. Broviac catheter a central venous catheter similar to the Hickman catheter but with a smaller lumen.

Tenckhoff catheter definition of Tenckhoff catheter by Medical dictionary https: Health care professionals are responsible for preventing, assessing for, and managing central venous therapy complications e.

In fact, patients with non-functioning CAPD catheters who do not have peritonitis or sepsis might benefit from at least one attempt of fluoroscopically guided percutaneous Tenckhoff catheter manipulation, a procedure that is relatively simple and could dedinicion long-term catheter function for most patients with minimal risk for a major complication Savader et al. Groshong catheter a single or double lumen cardiac catheter inserted into the right atrium with an external port. Its use prevents men with urinary incontinence from soiling clothes or bed linens.


A PICC is commonly used for prolonged antibiotic therapy, total parenteral nutrition, continuous opioid infusion, or intermittent chemotherapy. A catheter that permits direct urinary drainage from the bladder through the lower abdominal wall from a surgically fashioned opening located just above the pubic symphysis.

Cateterismo cardíaco derecho

In most cases, the initial left heart catheter used is a pigtail catheter with multiple side holes. Percutaneous transvenous mitral commissurotomy in a case of situs inversus, dextrocardia and rheumatic mitral stenosis. Texas catheter trademark for a commercially made condom catheter. The balloon was deflated and removed and the pigtail catheter was inserted for angiographic views.

Recollections of a renal nurse in the s. Foley catheter an indwelling catheter retained in the bladder by a balloon inflated with air or liquid; see illustration.

A tubular instrument to allow passage of fluid from or into a body cavity or blood vessel. Unlike the Hickman and Broviac cathetersthis type has a valve at the distal definiciin, eliminating the need for clamping and preventing blood from entering it when not in use. Guide catheters are used to facilitate the placement of lasers, stents, and balloons for angioplasty.

Bladder irrigation is performed as prescribed.